Parc Jacquou, amusement park in the Dordogne

Parc Jacquou is a beautiful amusement park in the heart of perigord in the Dordogne region. It is located north of Le Bugue on the road to Périgueux. You can go here for  a day during the holidays with your family. The park is located on a terrain with an area of over 10 hectares and has many trees which provides plenty of shade for during the hot summer days.  You can relax in the shade while your children play. The youngest children will need to be looked after by their father or mother or an older brother or sister.

Most complete amusement park in the Dordogne

Jacquou Parc is an amusement park for young and old, where you can do all kinds of things. It is especially suitable for children between the age of 3 to 14 years old. The park is a three-in-one park: there is a section with animals, a place with over twenty attractions such as carousels, roller coasters and a playground and an aqua park with swimming pools, a paddling pool and slides. You only pay one entrance fee and then you’ll have access to all attractions, the zoo and the swimming pools.

Restaurant and picnic areas

The park has large sunbathing areas with picnic tables and two restaurants: La Table Jacquou for self-service and Les Vestiges for snacks and pizzas. The park is open from approx. 1 July to 1 September.

Water park in Parc Jacquou

In the middle of the amusement park there is a large water park. You can go for a swim in the wave pool. A popular attraction is the Île aux Pirates, the Pirate Island. This is a climbing park with all kinds of fountains and water jets. There is also a huge slide known as the turbolance where you get into a boat with two people and go down the slide at great speed. For the Tournad'eau you will need the necessary adrenaline. In this attraction you’ll take place in a boat spin rounds and eventually disappear into a hole. The park also has the following two large water slides: "Le Splash" and "Le Tournant".

Water attractions

  • Wave pool
  • Île aux Pirates
  • Turbolance
  • Tournad'eau
  • Le Splash
  • Le Tournant
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Attraction in Jacquou Parc

Which attraction do your children want to go on first? Hard to choose! Will it be the big pirate boat or Les Montgolfières, the hot air balloons which take you to 10m height in a group of four people? The younger children like to go on the horses or in the small train or the bumper cars. Do you want to take it a little easier? Then go into one of the large sombreros and let yourself be driven. You should also try La Tour Magique, Les gabarots and Ali Airport. One of the newest attractions is Aéroplane 360: get on a plane and enjoy the antics. Les Chaises Volantes, the flying seats, are great for cooling down in on a hot summer day.

Ferris wheel La Grande Roue

You can already see it from afar: the Ferris wheel of Parc Jacquou. With a height of 25m. it stands out everywhere. Go together or alone in one of the cabins and go to a great height. You will have a beautiful view of the surroundings from the top. Small children are only allowed to go in it with a parent.


There are several roller coasters in the park. There is a roller coaster for young children which does not go very fast. For teenagers there are two other roller coasters: one that goes a bit faster and another in which you sit in a circle in a round wagon which rotates during the ride.

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