Durandal, medieval horse shows in Rocamadour

Many spend their holidays in the Dordogne - Lot region because of the beautiful nature, the pleasant climate and the beautiful villages. In this part of France, many villages survived history unscathed. This gives an authentic look to villages such as Rocamadour, Domme, Sarlat and Belvès. If you walk through the narrow streets with the characteristic old houses or look at the centuries-old village square, it will feel like you are in the Middle Ages. The only thing missing is the medieval way of life, the population and the fighting that took place there, but all of this is shown in the shows held in Parc Durandal in Rocamadour. Parc Durandal takes you back to the Middle Ages. The park exudes a Middle Age atmosphere.

Parc Durandal

In Parc Durandal you walk among actors in costumes, past shops and medieval weaponry. Watch jousting tournaments and enjoy the stunt riding on horses. The horses are the stars of the show, they have impressive abilities and skills. The acrobats that ride on the horses are also very talented and add a special flair to the shows. You’ll be welcomed in style, a knight on horseback will open the gate doors to the show. All shows last about an hour. You can choose from various shows and order tickets in advance.

Shows in Parc Durandal

  • Les Lames du Temps
  • Durandal versus Excalibur
  • Jean-Pierre Cheval Fait Son Cinéma
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Durandal vs Excalibur Equestrian Show

One of the shows held in the back is Durandal versus Excalibur, a spectacle of horse riding, acrobatics and humor. Several versions of the legend of Durandal are in circulation, but the following legend is re-enacted in Parc Durandal. The legend is set during the reign of Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great. The magical sword Durandal which Charlemagne received from an angel, is central in the legend. Charlemagne gave the sword to Roland. Roland was his nephew and Count of Brittany and one of his bravest generals. Roland was going to fight with the Saracens in the Pyrenees. Roland's soldiers were going to lose so Roland wanted to smash the magic sword on the rocks. The sword did not break, but there was a gap in the rocks. The sword was indestructible.

Sword Durandal in wall Rocamadour

Sword Durandal proved indestructible. Roland fought to the bitter end. To prevent the sword from falling into the hands of the enemy, according to the legend, he prayed to the archangel Michael. Roland threw the sword far away with great effort. Miraculously, the sword traveled hundreds of kilometers and then finally collided with the rock face of the sanctuary of Rocamadour. This legend is described in the song originating from the Middle Ages "Chanson de Roland". You can still see a sword sticking into the rock face in Rocamadour.

All ages

Parc Durandal's shows are breathtaking and full of excitement from start to finish and are enjoyable for all ages. The park is reminiscent of the Puy du Fou Park in the Vendée but a bit smaller.

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