Tree climbing course and other sports activities

There are several tree climbing courses in the vicinity of your holiday home in Les Forges. For both young and old it is nice to have an active day out during their holiday in France. You can make it as difficult and challenging as you wish seen as there are several courses to choose from. Will you start with the yellow or green course or are you going to go straight to the red or black course? In all cases, safety comes first. You will be guided by professional instructors. They ensure that you put on the safety vest properly and that it is fastened in the right way. You will then receive an explanation of the things you need to be careful with and the risks involved. Always make sure that you are securely attached to the cables so that you can safely move from one tree to another. Going to a tree climbing course is a fun activity to do together with your family.

Funforest, Parc Aventure, Accrobranche or Defiplanet

There are numerous parks that have tree climbing courses such as Parc Aventure, Accrobranche and Funforest. In most cases there is more to do at the park than just going on a treetop climbing course. Some parks have climbing walls or paintball terrains where you can compete against your family or friends. For those who want to take it a little easier, some parks also have mini golf. Some of the parks near Poitiers are Funforest, Parc Aventure and Salle d'escalade. Défiplanet is located just south of Poitiers and also has an amusement park. Northwest of Parthenay you’ll find Parc Aventure.

Tree climbing courses

  • Funforest - Poitiers
  • Parc Aventure 86 – Poitiers
  • Salle d’escalade – Poitiers
  • Défiplanet – Dienne
  • Parc Aventure 79 - Chantemerle
Accrobranche 16 Funforest parc aventure poitiers vakantie frankrijk forges kinderen.jpg

Climbing courses at different altitudes

The tree climbing courses differ in height. For small children there is a trail just above the ground at a height of half a meter. Even though they are not very high above the ground, these children are obviously also attached to the cable with a safety vest. For older children, there are slightly higher courses with more challenges. Adults can go on the highest courses; these go along the tops of the trees and are at a decent altitude. Due to the height, you can enjoy beautiful views along the way.

Climbing in the night

At Funforest you can also go climbing at night. This is a very special experience. The bright moon can guide you a tiny bit, but you will mostly have to rely on your gut instinct. It is very exciting to  go by ziplines, Due to the darkness you won’t be able to see the end of the course. You will hear all kinds of sounds around you which you wouldn’t usually hear during the day. Especially for teenagers and adults this is a great adventure.

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