Velorail, cycling in the holidays in Chauvigny

Go on a trip with the Velorail in Chauvigny on your next holiday! The Velorail is a typical French way to get around. In France there are quite a few railways that are no longer in use, including the railway in chauvigny. In the past, the workers who worked in the quarries were transported on this track and the stone was transported to other places to be further processed there. The train could not go very fast due to all the railways curves. Over the years, new railways with fewer curves were built so that the trains could go faster. The old railways were no longer used and fell into disrepair, until the Velorail became popular. You can go on the Velorail with your family or a group of friends, with a max. of 5 people per Velorail, you can of course also rent several.

Velorail, cycling on train rails

Chauvigny, a pretty town east of Poitiers, is the starting point of the Velorail. You will first receive an explanation on how it all works and then you can go cycling. Per bike there is a max. of four adults and one child. Two of the group will do the cycling, the others can sit back and relax. The old railway line over which you will cycle has a length of 17.4km and takes about 2 hours to complete. You can also opt to do half of the course, a journey of 8.6km.


  • Track of 17.4 km.
  • Two hours by bike
  • Max. 5 people

Beautiful views

The surroundings are already impressive from the moment you start the route. You’ll start by crossing the river Vienne which has magnificent views. From your bicycle you’ll also be able to see the medieval town of Chauvigny. There used to be five castles scattered across the outskirts of the city. These days you can see the remains and part of the old town. You’ll receive an information booklet which has all kinds of interesting facts about the environment.

Beautiful nature

After a few kilometers you will arrive in a nature reserve. The Velorail goes over bridges, walkways and viaducts. The Velorail alternates between going through woods or valleys. If the rails go up a hill, you will need to pedal a little harder but it is still remarkably easy. Going downhill is even easier, you won’t need to do a thing!

Velorail 11 Chauvigny Frankrijk Vienne vakantie animatie gezin fietsen.jpg

Cycling at sunset

It is possible to go cycling in the evening, at sunset, in July and August. Sunset journeys are a must and lots of fun!

Birds of prey show in Chauvigny

After your cycle be sure to walk into the town of Chauvigny . The town has loads to offer such as five castles, old churches, museums, shops and restaurants. Birds of prey shows are held in one of the castle’s ruins.

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