Go-karting, sensation and competitiveness during the holidays

Fancy an active day during your holiday? Go to the go-kart track in Biganos. Biganos is located west of Bordeaux at the Arcachon basin. On the bay of Arcachon there are more tourist places such as Arcachon, La Teste-de-Buch, Gujan-Mestras, Andernos-les-Bains, Arès and Cap Ferret. There is loads to do in the region. The go-kart track in Biganos, "Karting Topgun Evasion", is one of the most beautiful tracks in the region. The track is 1100m long and is suitable for novice riders and the more experienced racer. Official races are also held here. Do you find karting a bit too intense and don’t you dare to accept the challenge? Then go and watch others race, children really enjoy this too!

Outdoor karting

There are indoor karting tracks and open-air karting circuits, outdoor karting tracks. Outdoor go-kart tracks are often more popular than the indoor tracks. On an outdoor track you can race super fast. With indoor karting, the maximum speed you can achieve is around 50km/h, with outdoor karting it is possible to reach 70km/h. Feel the wind through your hair and enjoy the adventure. If you like speed, outdoor karting is a must! Another advantage is that outdoor racing tracks are wider so that you can overtake easier adding excitement to the competition. And because the track is often longer and wider, you can race with larger groups.

Advantages outdoor karting

  • Higher speed, up to 70km/h
  • Wider track, easier overtaking
  • Race with larger groups
  • Karting through nature feels more like real racing

Karting: speed and agility

Karting is all about speed and agility. You need driving skills to be able to race around the track and you need to be able to correct mistakes such as taking a corner too wide. You will have to make steering corrections and vary your speed in order to win. Taking corners too wide or not wide enough are mistakes you want to avoid because it will cause time delays whilst your intention is to be the first to cross the finish. Karting is an adventurous experience where adrenaline rushes through your body. It's the perfect activity to do with a group of friends or family. The first few laps you’ll take it easy to get to know the track, then you’ll build up speed and race to the finish.

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Different types of karts

You can rent different types of go-karts on the go-kart track. There are karts that go a bit slower which are suitable for younger children, karts that go an average speed for adults and extra fast race go-karts. Children under the age of 7 are only allowed to race as co-drivers in a two-person kart. From an age of seven years old they can race by themselves. No matter your age, the instructor will  always start off with an explanation and instruction after which the racing starts.

Go-karting and safety

Go-karting is a sport that, as with all sports, involves risks. Safety is of upmost importance when karting. Karts can go fast and you’ll be racing with several people on the track, it is therefore important that you follow the rules. In addition to the instructions you receive, you will also get an explanation of the meaning of the different flags. The flags is THE way of communication with the racers. If a kart breaks down on the track, you will be urged to drive slower to avoid accidents.

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