Cascade de Sillans, beautiful waterfall in the South of France

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in France is located in the town of Sillans, in Provence. The official name of the village is Sillans-la-Cascade. Visit this waterfall during your holiday, it is an impressive natural phenomenon. It is also a fun day out with the children. The river Bresque is the largest river that flows past the village. A few kilometers outside the village of Sillans, the river plunges down 44 meters. If you look at pictures of Cascade de Sillans, you would think that this waterfall is located in a tropical country. The water crashes into an emerald pool and the rock walls around it are covered with moss and shrubs. During a hot summer day it is wonderful to cool off around the waterfall.

Hiking trail to the waterfall

You can park your car in the village of Sillans-la-Cascade. From the carpark you can start your hike to the waterfall. Be sure to put on a pair of good shoes because the last part of the hike goes over unpaved paths. It is also wise to bring a few bottles of water. The route to the waterfall is well signposted. From the parking lot it is around a 20-minute walk through grassland and forest to the waterfall. The first part of the walk is also suitable for a buggy or stroller but the last part of the hike is a little less suitable.


  • Put on good shoes
  • Take water with you
  • Leave your child’s buggy in the car
  • Not suitable for wheelchairs
  • Ideal for picnics
Cascade 2 Sillans waterval Frankrijk Provence Var wandeling zwemmen villa vakantie.jpg

Swimming at Sillans-la-Cascade

You can swim all around the waterfall, but not in the large pool where the waterfall plunges down. This isn’t allowed in order to protect the nature, but it is also dangerous because stones can fall down due to the force of the water. During the walk to the waterfalls you will pass streams. You can swim in these streams. Especially for children this is very fun. There are rocks in the stream on which the children can jump around.

The village of Sillans-la-Cascade

The village of Sillans-la-Cascade is a beautiful village surrounded by a wall. The village has authentic narrow streets. There are several squares with art galleries, restaurants and terraces. If you walk through the village you will also see the church of St. Etienne, an old castle and other buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. The picturesque village is located about 30km from Draguignan and 20min. away from lake St.  Croix and the towns of Salernes, Corignac and Entrecasteaux.

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