Markets in the area

It's always nice to visit a local French market. If ever there was a place to see the traditional French life, this is the place.

Goods at the market

You can find anything and everything at a French market. It is mainly the local products that are in the spotlight: vegetables, fruit and all kinds of produce. However, there is no shortage of meat, fish, and poultry. The form in which it is offered differs quite a bit from other, in particular, Northern European markets. In Northern Europe, produce is usually sold pre-packaged, while everything here is available in its most basic form. In any case, you always know what you're buying...​

​Meeting place

For many French people, the market is a weekly outing. Here you meet each other, have a chat and exchange local news and gossip. The atmosphere is casual and warm.​

​After the market

When the market is nearing the end and the unsold items are loaded up, many traders disappear into a bar or restaurant to continue the conversations there. You only see each other once a week, after all!​

​Local markets

Below is an overview of local markets in the area. The list is incomplete and may also change. Ask the administrator for the latest information. Have you come across a market in the area that isn't listed here? Or have the dates changed? We would appreciate it if you would let us know.

  • Sunday: Niort, Coulon, Latillé, Saint-Loup-Lamairé, Poitiers
  • Monday: Latillé, Poitiers
  • Tuesday: Vasles, Niort, Secondigny, Poitiers
  • Wednesday: Parthenay, Niort, Beruges, Pamproux, Poitiers
  • Thursday: Niort, Poitiers
  • Friday: Melle, Niort, Coulon, Rouillé, Poitiers
  • Saturday: Niort, Vouillé, Poitiers, Saint Maixent l' École
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