Puy du Fou - Vendée

From your cottage in Les Forges you can drive a little further but definitely worthwhile: Puy du Fou, a historical theme park in Les Epesses in the Vendée with beautiful shows. At various elections voted the most beautiful park in the world.

Puy du Fou: Special attraction park

Puy du Fou is best described as a theme park that brings important periods of history to life. In a large number of shows, in which thousands of people cooperate, the situation from the past is imitated in a very impressive way. The Romans, the Vikings, Joan of Arc, the three musketeers and the regional hero General Charette from the Vendée are the focal point.


An overview of the shows shows how enormous and grand the park and the experience is. In one day it is not possible to view everything.

Big shows:

  • The Sign of the Victory (Le Signe du Triomphe, Circus Games)
  • The Vikings (Les Vikings, the Normans attack a fort)
  • The Dance of the Phantom Birds (Le Ball des Oiseaux Fantômes, falcons, owls and vultures shoot past the spectators)
  • Le Mystère de La Pérouse (intense adventure on the ocean, with real actors)
  • The Secret of the Lance (Le Secret de la Lance, medieval adventure in an abandoned castle)
  • The Musketeer of Richelieu (Mousquetaire de Richelieu, romantic adventure with degenduels, flamenco dancing and horse arts)

Evening shows:

  • La Cinéscénie (showpiece with 1200 actors and 24,000 costumes, separate ticket required)
  • The Fire organs (Les Orgues de Feu, musicians in light costumes provide a symphony of water and fire)

Small shows:

  • The Lovers of Verdun (Les Amoureux de Verdun, love story from 1916)
  • The Rebirth of the Renaissance castle (La Renaissance du Château, in every room of the castle of Puy du Fou another chapter from the glorious past is revealed)
  • Grandes Eaux (experience the golden age of Versailles again)
  • Le Grand Carillon (musical show around high bell tower)
  • The Knights of the Round Table (Les Chevaliers de la Table Round, at the foot of the fortification wall Merlin puts the courage of Arthur to the test).


A beautiful show is Les Vikings. These barbarians fell in the 9th and 10th settlements along the European rivers. The show shows how the locals celebrate a wedding when the Normans rush into the village on roaring horses and set fire to a shed with burning torches. A Viking ship rises from the river and warriors leap off the ship and sow death and destruction.
Then, however, the sarcophagus of St. Philibert, the abbot deceased in 684, appears from the water. He gets ashore, calms the Normans and restores the peace in the village.

The three Musketeers

In a covered theater the beautiful show Mosquetaire de Richelieu is performed. The big plus of this show: a piece is filled up with humor in advance, in which the audience is also involved. The show itself is full of sword fights, horses and Spanish dance. In a beautiful setting that is constantly changing. It even ends in a water spectacle ...

Le Signe de Triomphe

In the large Roman arena the show Le Signe de Triomphe. This arena is similar to the Colosseum in Rome. Gallic prisoners fight for their freedom against gladiators here. They race with chariots against the Romans, and they are attacked by lions and tigers.
A great spectacle that is a must-see for every adult. For small children, however, it is pretty scary. Throats of Gauls are cut, and the sounds are not always tasty.

Le Bal des Oiseax Fantomes

A beautiful bird show, the largest in the world. Around a story by Princess Eleanore and her friend Eloise a total of 200 birds of prey appear everywhere and nowhere. At this show you sometimes do not know where to look. You have never seen anything like this before. This is also fantastic for children!

Le Secret de la Lance

Acrobatics on horseback, fighting, dancing, music and much more. And that in a setting of castles that appear, turn and disappear, you do not believe your eyes. That is the Knight Show Le Secret de la Lance. Very spectacular, also for the children.


From June to September, one of the largest water and fire shows in the world takes place on Friday and Saturday nights. This "Cinéscénie" is a wonderful ending of your journey through time in Puy du Fou. More than 1000 actors will participate in this show, 4000 costumes will be used and more than 300 pieces of fireworks will be used. You must reserve in advance for this show.

Villages with shops and crafts

Between the performances you can walk through small villages: each from a different time period, with shops and inns in the style of the époque and with various demonstrations of crafts. Such as stonecutters, basket makers, bakers. Particularly charming, a kind of open air museum where you can also buy beautiful things.

Historically and authentically

Everything in Puy du Fou is real: there are no fake decors or cheap effects. The park wants to show the history to visitors in an authentic way. The fact that there are no rollercoasters and darkrides also has an advantage: the wooded park has no queues. Guests walk from one show to another and can spend the time between shows in the La Vallée Fleurie gardens, the wooded surroundings, in a medieval village or a historic town.

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