Mouton Village, sheep park in Vasles

Near the holiday park, in the town of Vasles, you’ll find Mouton Village, a beautiful park with over 150 sheep from more than 20 different breeds from 5 continents. Mouton Village is the first park in France where over 20 different breeds of sheep live together. Did you know that there is a "rabbit head sheep" and a sheep with 4 horns? The park is very beautiful. There are more than 4000 trees and 120 different species. Children love to visit this park, there is loads to do and see ! They can pet the sheep and give lambs their bottle.

Guided tour of the park

You can download the Mouton Village app on your mobile phone. Via the app you will be guided through the park. The guided tour is available in 5 languages. The information about the sheep is told as if you are following in the footsteps of Nicolas and his grandfather, the shepherd, especially for the children.

Nicolas asks his grandfather all kinds of questions and grandfather explains everything to Nicolas in a simple way.

Sheep shearing

In the spring, the sheep are sheared. Their thick winter coat is shaved off and put in bags. At a later time, the wool is washed and processed into threads of wool which is used to make clothing and other things. The sheep are sheared when they are laying on their back or side. When the shearing is finished, the sheep jumps back up and runs back into the meadow.


Every morning when the park is open, the shepherd gives a demonstration with his shepherd dog. The dog responds to every signal the shepherd gives. The shepherd dog makes sure that sheep that run too far away from the flock go back to the flock. When it’s time to go to the stable the dog drives the sheep together and makes sure that they go towards the stable.

Walking with the sheep

A "Transhumance" is organized around ascension day. The shepherd guides part of the herd to the park by foot. The shepherd walks in front or just behind the sheep and is accompanied by a large group of people who follow the herd. The shepherds dog ensures that the sheep go in the right direction and don’t stray.

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Bottle lambs

Lambs sometimes need extra nutrition. They get this from a bottle. Children are allowed to help with this. Often together with mom or dad, the children give the lambs the bottle. Quite an experience for young children.

Children's playground in Mouton Village

The park also has a playground for children. After your children have played with the lambs they can go and have fun in the playground. It is not a huge playground but it is fun for the children to play in for an hour or so whilst parents can relax on the benches situated around the park.

Food and drinks

There is a small restaurant where you can buy food and drinks on the park. You can relax on the restaurants terrace whilst you eat and drink. Scattered throughout the park there are also picnic spots in shaded areas where picnic tables are waiting for you.

Opening hours

Mouton Village is open from Easter until the first of November. In the months of July and August the park is open every day from 10.00 – 19.00, in the other months only on Saturday and Sunday from 13.30 to 18.00.

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