Sheep- and recreational park - Vasles

Near the park Domaine les Forges is the recreational park “Mouton Village”, in the charming village Vasles. Situated in the beautiful French landscape, far away from the hustle and bustle, the park encompasses 6 hectares. It contains an expansive variety of trees and bushes. You can wander the trails and enjoy the park. It is also great for young children.

The shepherd in Mouton Village

You will follow in the footsteps of Nicolas and his grandfather, the shepherd. They will guide you through the secrets of the park. Some of the highlights include watching how a shepherd’s dog herds sheep in the morning or how the sheep are sheered. In the afternoon, experience the lambs being fed. A photo exhibition can be viewed in a yurt (Mongolian nomad tent).


The park, which is also accessible for disabled people, has ample facilities for children, a restaurant, playground, picnic facility, walking paths with signs, and various sports facilities.


Also visit the great boutique in the village, only 300 meters from the park. Here, you can find local and durable quality products, gadgets, and handcrafted items.

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