Monkey park and other parks

Ever heard of the 'Vallée des singes " (Monkey valley) It is one of the animal parks located nearby your holiday home.

Natural environment

More than 250 animals (including some 30 different types of primates) live in complete freedom in this naturally pristine 15-hectare environment. It is Europe’s largest terrain for chimpanzees and is home to the largest group of gorillas in France. Come enjoy feeding the different animals together with your children (possible a few times each day).


Since 'Vallée des Singes'’s opening, more than 350 apes have been born, including 9 gorillas who are raised here in the utmost tranquility. There are a number of exhibitions allowing visitors to see how the park functions behind the scenes. Subjects of such exhibitions include: the arrival of a newcomer, care, a birth, and the scientific research that takes place here. Watch the film about the birth of Kwanza, a baby gorilla born here in our park! There is also a petting zoo for children with goats, sheep and a playground. Feeling hungry? No problem, our two on-site snack bars have you covered. Simply put, there’s enough to do here for a fun day out. What to do when you get back to your holiday home?  Then it’s time for the kids to enjoy a dip in the pool!

Other parks

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