Cognac... who hasn’t heard of it? Visit the Cognac region with its vineyards, idyllic towns with roman churches, cozy terraces and adorable markets. It’s an area that captivates every France enthusiast. It is no coincidence that the spirituous beverage known worldwide as symbol for lovers of life was first made in the soft limestone hills of this region. Tradition, quality of life and geniality comprise the spirit characteristic of this area.

Rich history of the Cognac

The Cognac region has a rich cultural and architectural heritage as illustrated by its wealth of history in which the Charente River, winding through the beautiful countryside, provided the inhabitants of the region with much wealth. As one might expect, the town of Cognac is the centerpiece of the Cognac region.
The large cognac houses along the banks of the Charente in the town of Cognac, where the old streets attest to the city's rich history, combined with the surrounding Roman villages, vineyards and slow-flowing Charente, truly give you that genuine French feeling.

A day in the Cognac region is a day of relaxation without mass tourism, but with all the ingredients of a multifaceted experience: cultural events, fascinating monuments, a pleasant climate and an enchanting landscape dotted with romantic villages. A visit to this region is a memorable outing for the entire family, and of course you are welcome to take a souvenir bottle of brandy back to your holiday home.

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