Silver Mines

From the seventh to the tenth century, Melle was a major silver producer and held an important position in the region.
Under the town, some twenty kilometers of the network of passageways from the former silver mines are now accessible, part of which is open to the public. The area open to the public is beautifully lighted and equipped with sound. During the visit you can see how coins were forged.

Carolingian Gardens

The Carolingian gardens were landscaped just next to the silver mines. These gardens are also accessible to the public. Come and see the original plants used for medicinal and other purposes. These gardens are definitely worth visiting!

Romanesque Triad

Melle's uniqueness lies in the three beautiful Romanesque churches located in the town. These include the St. Hilaire, the St. Peter and the St. Savinien.
These churches were originally built to receive the pilgrims at this important stage on the Saint Jacques de Compostelle route, between the late eleventh and mid-twelfth century.

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