Winecastles Cahors

The holiday park is located in the middle of a wine region. It is the Cahors wine region. Driving through the area gives you a view of the alternating beautifully landscaped vineyards. You'll come across many beautiful views. Vineyards or wine châteaux lie between the vineyards. Easily recognized by the name: Château, followed by a name.​


If you see the sign 'degustation' at an attractive wine château along the road, you should definitely stop and go inside. It's possible to do a wine tasting there. It won't always be organised tastings, but the owner will let you try a variety of wines so that you can make a choice and buy a couple of bottles of the best wine.​

​Château de vin

In the vicinity, there are some châteaux that we can recommend you check out:

Wine castle Château Latuc in Mauroux
This wine castle is known for its excellent quality wines. The Meyan family, owners of the Château Latuc, won two gold medals at a major competition in France. The wines of Château Latuc were selected by the Guide Hachette and Hugh Johnson, well-known names in the wine world.
 Wine Castle Château Lacapelle-Cabanac in Lacapelle-Cabanac
This château has soft, flavourful wines. The grapes are grown organically. This château also concentrates mainly on the Cahors wines and the Côtes du Lot wines.
Wine Castle Château Nozières in Vire-sur-Lot
Château Nozières is a family business in the centre of Vire-sur-Lot. It is located in the centre of the AOP Cahors wine region. Nozières has flavourful, aromatic rosé wines, aromatic white wines and of course several red Cahors wines.
Wine Castle Château Laur in Floressas
Château Laur has been making their wine according to the traditional, authentic ways for many years. Respect for nature and the environment are of paramount importance to this château. The Laur family has set their own quality rules to maintain the high quality of their wines.
Wine Castle Château Haut Monplaisir in Lacapelle-Cabanac
All of Château Haut Monplaisir's vineyards are organic. The customer requires this more and more often and is willing to pay a higher price to guarantee it. The famous red and white wines are grown here.

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