One of the biggest tourist places in France is undoubtedly Rocamadour. It attracts many visitors every year and is the most visited place in France after Mont Saint-Michel. After Lourdes, it is also the most visited pilgrimage site in France.

Thanks to a unique combination of history, conviviality, art and a beautiful landscape, the town has a unique atmosphere. A visit to the town, built on a rock above the river Alzou, should not be missed during your holiday.

Fortress of Rocamadour

The city is built on a rock in the middle of the Causse de Gramat, a vast limestone plateau. There is a castle on top of the rock. Via a winding path (or an elevator) you can reach a series of chapels with frescoes. At the top of the stairs you have to go through the gate of the episcopal palace to reach a square with no fewer than seven churches and chapels.

Chapelle Notre Dame

The most important is the Chapelle Notre Dame which can be reached by stairs. This chapel is half cut out of the rock and this would be the work of a hermit. The original chapel was destroyed by a falling rock at the end of the fourteenth century, after which a new Gothic-style one was built.


Also take a walk to and around the castle at the very top of the rock. It is, as it were, the crown of Rocamadour. At this viewpoint you have a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding area.

Shops and terraces

At the bottom of the mountain is the pleasant and very tourist town with its narrow streets, nice shops and inviting terraces. There are beautiful medieval houses and beautiful gates from the same time. You can certainly enjoy yourself here with your family for a day. There is much more to experience and see in the vicinity.

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