Hot air balloons - Rocamadour

The hot air balloon festival in Rocamadour is an annual event that takes place in the last weekend of September. The sky above Rocamadour and the Canyon de l'Alzou will be filled with more than 30 hot air balloons of all kinds of types and sizes: cartoon and Disney characters, vehicles, buildings etc.


On both Saturday and Sunday, a lot of events will be organised in and around Rocamadour. More than 20,000 French people and tourists visit this place every year to enjoy the spectacle. You can choose to watch from various slopes in the surrounding valley. A spot with a view of the Rocamadour is one of the best. At the end of the evening there will also be a fireworks show.  


Please visit the more elaborate site with all kinds of information about the event. It also includes all the information about where you can park and the best viewing spots. Please take a look at the video and photographs of the hot air balloons (during the day and at night) and fireworks show for a good impression of the event.

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