Birds of Prey Rocamadour

If you go to Rocamadour for a day, visit the birds of prey show in this place.


The large and small birds of prey show their impressive arts. In this ecopark with 60 bird species and 400 birds you can admire, among others, kites, eagles, vultures, falcons, macaws, cockatoos, amazon, noble parrots, gray redtails and many owls.


Several times a day there is a unique bird of prey show, where children can get acquainted with one of these birds. The children can feed the birds and their eyes will look out.


  • "If you're in the area, do it for sure! Great animals and show a super long show great! Also many animals to see ..."
  • "Must see !!!!! Here I am still impressed, you should definitely do it when you visit Rocamadour"
  • "Children very enthusiastic!"
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