The village of Coulon is located in the Marais Poitevin and is often called the capital of La Venise Verte, the Green Venice.


The landscape of Marais Poitevin is beautiful. Channels with overhanging trees and shrubs, creating a special atmosphere.
Coulon was formerly known as a customs place. People had to pay for transport over water, which happened in Coulon. The cosy square of Coulon has a small museum about the history and traditional activities of Marais.

Plus beaux village

The village is one of France’s "plus beaux villages”. A picturesque village in a beautiful environment. There is plenty to do in the village: souvenir shops, restaurants, boutiques, rental boats, canoes, bicycles, a train, church with unique characteristics, House of the Marais Poitevin... In short, certainly worth visiting for a day trip!

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