Recreational lakes Deux-Sèvres

The immediate area surrounding your holiday home in Domaine les Forges is amidst a variety of recreational lakes where you can relax.


Most of the lakes are suitable for swimming, surfing, sailing, or other water sports. Of course, you can simply relax on the beach or the lawns. In some cases, parts of the lake are marked as designated nature reserve areas to observe wild birds or simply enjoy nature. This is a beautiful piece of France to enjoy with your family!


  • Moncontour Active Park, Moncontour
  • Lac du Cébron, Saint-Loup-Lamairé
  • Plan d'eau de Verruyes, Verruyes
  • Etang des Châteliers, Chantecorps
  • Lac de saint Cyr, Beaumont Saint-Cyr
  • Plan d'eau Cherveux, Cherveux
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