Futuroscope, a futuristic attraction park in Poitiers

Futuroscope is just over half an hour's drive from your holiday home in Les Forges. This amusement park in Poitiers is one of the largest and most popular theme parks in France with around 2 million visitors a year.  Futuroscope differs from the usual parks, the park has futuristic attractions in the field of technology, film and multimedia. The park has IMAX movie screens of 900m2, 4D effects and shows where you take a dive into the future. It's a modern, open-plan park that looks like a city from the future. Films, robotic arms, simulators and interactive games; this all makes for a very special and innovative day out during the holidays.

Futuroscope, a combination of science and fun

The park has sixteen large buildings each in their own unique shape and construction. These buildings all house different shows. There are cinemas with interactive films, such as the "Dance avec les robots". In this film you sit in a robot arm and move up to a height of 7 meters to the beat of music. "The Best of Dynamic Cinema" is also quite a sensation. Here you sit in a bobsleigh and race with enormous speed around a circuit. And have you ever experienced what it feels like to stand on a raft and race down a wild river? For some time now, Futuroscope has also had a roller coaster. This is no ordinary roller coaster though; you will be tested here with whether you would be suitable to go to Mars as an astronaut in the year 2040. Experience what it's like to watch a 3D movie without glasses or sit in a flying theater which goes around the world.

The shows and attractions in Futuroscope

  • Chasseurs de Tornades
  • L’Extraordinaire Voyage
  • Objectif Mars
  • Slava’s Snowshow
  • Danse avec les Robots
  • La Clé des Songes
  • Arthur, l’aventure 4D
  • La Machine à Voyager dans le Temps
  • Futuropolis
  • Aventure Éclabousse
  • La Vienne Dynamique
  • IllusiO, un destin magique
  • Sébastien Loeb Racing
  • Sauvetage Academy
  • Dans les Yeux de Thomas Pesquet
  • Kinékid
  • L’Âge de Glace
  • L’Aérobar
  • Les Apprentis Pompiers
  • Les Yeux Grands Fermés
  • Graines de Pilotes
  • Le Vélodrôle
  • La Tour Gravity
  • Le Stadium Aqualympique
  • Le Balancier
  • Astra Fun Xperiences
  • La Centrifugeuse
  • Le Turbo Splash
  • La Rivière en Chantier
  • L’Ascenso-fusée
  • Le Jardin Aquatique
  • L’Aéroport de Futuropolis
  • Les Bateaux Rigolos
  • Dynamic !
  • Les Ailes de Vinci
  • Les As du Ciel
  • La Gyrotour
  • Les aires de yeux
  • Chocs Cosmiques


One of the big eye-catchers in the Futuroscope park is the "Aérobar". This is a cozy bar in a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon enters the sky, and the bar is opened. There are twelve special chairs set around a round bar with a bartender in the middle. Order your drink while the bar rises up to a height of 35 meters. While you drink a beer or a coke at a high altitude, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Futuroscope park. The helium balloon is attached to a scaffold which has a futuristic look, so that the hot-air balloon with bar can only be raised to a certain height and not carried away by the wind.

L'Extraordinaire Voyage

Since 2017 you can enjoy L'Extraordinaire Voyage, the first flying theater in Europe where you fly through the air. In the trip you will pass Egypt, Dubai, India, China and the United States. The theatre L'Extraordianaire Voyage has room for 84 people who sit on benches after which they are lifted into the air. On a semicircular film screen with a size of 600 square meters, razor-sharp videos were shown, at a size of 6000 by 6000 pixels. The film images are enhanced by wind, smells and fog. After the waiting area you will experience four pre-shows: the departure hall, the briefing room, the transfer and the Departure Desk of SkyWorld. Jules Verne is one of the tour guides.
The flight starts. The first stop is the Pyramids in Egypt, the journey then continues to Dubai where you will arrive in 2030. Your flight continues to the Ganges River in India, the Himalayas in India and China and you will return to Poitiers via Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, the USA.

Arthur, the 4D adventure

Arthur's attraction, the 4D Adventure, is one of the most popular attractions in the Futuroscope park. This attraction is dedicated to the popular movie Arthur and the Minimoys. Turn into a Minimoy and help Arthur find his treasure. You will be given a Minimoy-weight and a Minimoy-name. You will pass high blades of grass and strange inhabitants of the garden. The whole experience is accompanied by special 4D effects. Due to the 4D-effects you will not only see everything around you in a realistic manner, but it will also feel realistic. So, watch out for the sticky cobwebs and a licking frog!

The Little Prince

The French theme park also features the world-famous book The Little Prince in 3D.  Futuroscope is the first amusement park in the world where the story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry can be seen three-dimensionally.

Futuroscope 21 Forges Poitiers Frankrijk themapark vakantie gezin kinderen.jpg

Objectif Mars, a special roller coaster

Since 2020 Futuroscope has a roller coaster which is part indoor and outdoor. The rollercoaster has rotating carts. The theme of this roller coaster is "space travel", with a training center for astronauts. This training centre tests whether or not you would be suitable to go to Mars as an astronaut in 2040.

La Gyrotour

The Gyrotour is a large rotating glass gondola which slowly rises along a tower to a height of 45 meters. From this height you’ll have a magnificent view over the surroundings.

Chocs Cosmiques

This attraction will teach you everything about the universe in a unique way. Sit back and let yourself be transported to light years away. All kinds of things are happening all around you whilst you learn all sorts of fun facts about the solar system. Did you, for example, know that the sun is actually just a big star? And that the moon is made up of planetary waste?

La Clé des Songes

Together with the legendary Sandman, you will dive into the realm of dreams in search of the mysterious key to dreams. Enjoy 3-dimensional aquatic effects, lighting effects and image projections onto water screens.

Dynamic Vienne

In the 4D spectacle Dynamic Vienne you will explore the surroundings of Poitiers. Step into a moving chair and be amazed by the special 4D effects. The story follows the adventures of a man on his way to his wedding on a mega screen. Along the way, he meets a talking tree who helps him arrive on time. The tree, however, has a bad cold and thanks to the 4D effect, sneezes all over you several times. To still arrive on time, you’ll get into a Formula 1 car. Thanks to all the movements of your seat you will feel like a real driver.


In Futuroscope there is a special area for children between the ages of 3 to 16. In this area you’ll find attractions such as Sauvetage Academy and Graines de Pilotes. There is also an attraction called Stadium Aqualympique, here children can jump on trampolines which float on water.  In the Apprentis Pompiers attraction your children will turn into real firefighters.


  • L'Atelier des Saveurs
  • Space Loop
  • L’Aérobar
  • Bar - Le Quai Gourmand
  • Bar - Studio Grill
  • Studio Grill
  • Food Court
  • Illico Resto
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