Futuroscope - Poitiers

Futuroscope, one of the most popular French theme parks, is about 30 minutes drive from your holiday home. This park is very nice, for both children and adults.

Amusement park in Poitiers, France

Futuroscope is a theme park in the French city of Poitiers, Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The French amusement park opened in 1987 and receives about 1.5 million visitors annually. It is one of the largest animation parks in the country.

Futuroscope: Meeting Science and fun

Futuroscope is, as the name implies, a theme park where it revolves around futuristic attractions. There are 20 attractions and 4 shows. These are all about the latest techniques in the field of film and multimedia. There are IMAX movie screens of 900 m2, 4D effects and shows where you look in the future. The buildings in the park are already an attraction in their futuristic style.

Attractions in Futuroscope

Futuroscope is known for its simulators and other media related attractions. Recently, the park also uses familiar figures. For example, there is a 4D simulator in which Arthur and the Minimoys play a leading role. In addition, the Raving Rabbids - known from computer game Rayman Raving Rabbids - also got a spot in the amusement park near Poitiers.


There are 16 futuristic cinemas where you can enjoy various shows:

  • Danse avec les robots (film with robot simulators)
  • L'Extraordinaire Voyage (flight through Egypt, Dubai, India, China and the United States)
  • Deep sea 3D (underwater adventure on Imax screen)
  • Star of the Future (experience special effects in a film studio)
  • Arthur, the 4D adventure and The Best of Dynamic Cinema (spectacular simulator rides)
  • Les Animaux du Futur (interactive introduction to animals from the distant future)
  • Aquaféerie (summer outdoor show on the water)
  • The Little Prince (children's book in 3D)
  • Moi, Van Gogh (The life of the painter on an Imax film screen of six hundred square meters)

Family attractions:

The park also has attractions that you can try out as a family or family:

  • La Gyrotour (lookout tower)
  • Cyber ​​Avenue (game arcade)
  • Le monde des enfants (children's playground)

Below is an impression of a number of shows, films and attractions.


The Aérobar is a cozy bar that hangs under an air balloon. While you order a drink, the bar rises to 35m. height. Enjoy the beautiful view over Futuroscope.

Arthur, the 4D adventure

The attraction Arthur, the 4D Adventure, is one of the most popular parts of Futuroscope. This attraction is dedicated to the popular movie Arthur and the Minimoys. Turn into a Minimoy and help Arthur find his treasure in his backyard. On your way to the attraction you will receive your Minimoy weight and Minimoy name. After you have been transformed into Minimoy you board the ladybug and experience a ride along high blades of grass and the strange inhabitants of the backyard. All this with special effects. The 4D effects go even a step further than the 3D effect. You now not only see everything lifelike around you, it also feels lifelike. So beware of the sticky cobwebs and the licking frog!

Dance with the Robots

Climb aboard one of the dancing robot arms and swing on your favorite medley. Take a seat in the robot arm with someone and you will go in all directions. As soon as you take a seat in the arm, you can indicate which level you are daring. Over the head, three double somersault, nothing is too crazy for the robot. And would you rather take it a little bit slower? You can choose from 3 levels. 1 for a quiet waltz, 2 for an up-tempo dance song and 3 for a hard house plate.

The future is wild

In this virtual reality attraction you will get a look into the future. Scientists have researched how our animals look in a million years. And thanks to a special kind of binoculars you can also see them. The virtual reality effect of the binoculars allows you to interact with the animals interactively. Just notice what happens on your hand or what happens when you swing at the animals. A visit to a very special zoo!

La Gyrotour

The Gyrotour is a large rotating glass gondola that rises slowly up to 45 meters along a tower. From this height you have a magnificent view of the surroundings.

Fly me to the moon

In the 3D-film Fly me to the moon you follow three brave flies during the first lunar landing of the Apollo 11 in 1969. The flies Nat, I.Q. and Scooter would like to experience this special event up close and decide to fly to Neil Armstrong and his colleagues in the airspace. The entire fly family follows the three daredevils closely. And since that is the complete movie in 3D, it looks like you are there yourself.

Cosmic Collossions

In this attraction you will learn everything about the universe in a special way. Sit back in the lovely chairs and let yourself be taken to distant light years from here. Above you, next to and around you, everything happens while in the meantime you get behind nice facts about the solar system. Did you know, for example, that the sun is actually a big star? And that the moon consists of planetary waste?

L'Extraordinaire Voyage

This attraction is open in 2017. With L'Extraordinaire Voyage you are taken into the air and you float all over the world. It is the first flying theater that was opened in Europe.

Dynamic Vienne

In the 4D-show Dynamic Vienne you will see the surroundings of Poitiers in a special way. Step into the moving chair and be amazed by the special 4D effects while on a giant screen you follow the adventures of a man on his way to his marriage. On the way he comes into contact with a talking tree that helps him to arrive on time. Unfortunately, the tree is quite cold and thanks to the 4D effect, it sneezes over you several times. To get on time you get into a Formula 1 car and thanks to the shocking movement of your seat you will feel like a real driver.

L'Arena Fun Xperiences

Futuroscope also has a huge arcade with all sorts of interactive games, slides and play equipment. There is plenty to do for children and adults.

The Blue Note Mystery Evening Show

Every evening there is the Blue Note Mystery Evening show in Futuroscope. As soon as it is dark (in the spring around 7 pm, in the summer only around 10.30 pm) there is a spectacular light and laser show with various special effects. A musical of light, water and music in which elves go in search of the blue musical note. An incredibly beautiful spectacle of colors and music.
If you do not want to wait until 10.30 pm because you have been in Futuroscope all day, no problem, you can just come back in the evening.

New roller coaster in Futuroscope

It is the intention that Futuroscope will build a new rollercoaster in 2019. This job and the thematization around it will cost around € 22 million. There will be an outdoor section and an indoor section, possibly a dark-ride section.
The theme around the roller coaster will be "space travel" with a training camp for astronauts.


In Futuroscope are several restaurants, each with its own character:

  • Saveurs du soleil (Mediterranean cuisine)
  • Kadélicescope (buffet)
  • La crepe volante (pancakes and cake)
  • Le Cristal (eating the future)

Molecular dining

In Futuroscope everything is dominated by the future and the latest gadgets. Similarly in the area of ​​food and drink. In the restaurant Christal you can eat so-called molecular food. This means that not only work with natural ingredients, but also with chemical elements such as nitrogen. So do not be surprised to see a bonbon that causes steam to come out of your nose or that you still have to bring your own dessert with flavors and colors.

Practical information

Futuroscope address:
Avenue du Téléport
F-86360 Chasseneuil-Du-Poitou
GPS coordinates: N 46 ° 39 '48 "(46.66337) - E 0 ° 21' 43" (0.36187)

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