Les Jardins du manoir d'Eyrignac

The gardens of Eyrignac in Salignac are at the heart of the Perigord near Sarlat. These beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding an old manor are real French gardens, with a nice layout and sleek, geometric shapes. The property consists mainly of coniferous plants such as yew, boxwood, hornbeam and cypress. This allows the park to be open to visitors throughout the year.

History Les jardins du manoir d'Eyrignac

This garden of Eyrignac is said to be one of the most beautiful in France. The garden was created in the eighteenth century and reconstructed in English style in the nineteenth century. That was the fashion at the time.  However, the owner decided to restore the garden to its original state in 1960. This was possible thanks to manuscripts and drawings that he found. The garden has received three stars in the Michelin Green Guide.


The reactions to the various review sites are full of praise:

  • This garden is one of the highlights in the area and a nice change of scenery to the castles and fortresses in the region.
  • It is worth a visit. Beautifully maintained. There is also a restaurant, open for lunch. You can enjoy everything in peace.
  • The garden offers a wide variety of garden elements in a relatively small area. On the one hand you'll find impressive pruning, on the other hand there are countless hidden corners to discover and beautiful depth views are scattered throughout the garden. It is essentially a topiary garden, so don't expect a multitude of flowers; only some specific garden areas were decorated with flowers.
  • We visited the garden with two kids (3 and 6 years old) and they enjoyed the visit very much. An extra bonus for the older kids (6 years and older) is a sort of scavenger hunt that lets the kids navigate through the garden by answering questions. At the end of it, they will receive a surprise in the boutique. Be sure to ask about this when purchasing your ticket!
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