International Ménigoute Bird Festival

Every year, during the last week of October, a large international bird show is held in Ménigoute. Ménigoute, situated at 5 kilometres from Domaine les Forges, is a small village with less than 1000 inhabitants, a hotel, a post office, a bakery and a sports hall. Thousands of people visit the festival in the last week of October.

Ménigoute festival ornithologique

The festival is visited by bird lovers from all parts of France and beyond. There is plenty to do: watching films from about 15 different countries; participating in excursions; listening to lectures about birds; admire exhibits of birds and paintings of nature. There are more than 100 stands of nature conservation organizations, nature areas, book stores etc. in a large tent.


There is a separate tent for children, where they can make birdhouses and take part in other arts and crafts. There are also special films for them. They are involved in many ways.


During the extensive lunch and dinner sessions (two hours are allocated for this in true French fashion) there is enough time to talk with film-makers and visitors. It is the meeting point for bird lovers, most of whom stay at our FranceComfort - Domaine les Forges park.

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