Pujols - Agenais

The beautiful landscape of the Agenais region has plenty of places which you would normally drive past. One of these is the fortified village of Pujols le Haut, above Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Every Sunday starting in the month of April, this tranquil village comes to life at the weekly market. The rest of the week, the village is like many others in France: ancient, characteristic and hushed.

Towns worth visiting

What is now a large part of the department Lot-et-Garonne, used to be known as the province Agenais. It is slightly tucked away under the much more popular Dordogne region, but it has its own charm and is therefore absolutely deserving of a visit. There are multiple fun towns, like Agen or Villeneuve, but also other villages that are worth seeing. One of these is Pujols.

The village Pujols

The village consists of a high part and a lower part that was added over time. The medieval part is car-free and only has a few streets. You can walk right through them, or take the time to see the houses, the churches - of which the 14th century Église Saint-Nicolas is the oldest, the remnants of the old castle, and the view over the surrounding area is also absolutely magnificent.

Quiet or busy

If you enjoy peace and quiet, it is best if you visit Pujols during the week. But if you like to wander the ancient streets and admire the regional products in a bustle, you should certainly visit the town on a Sunday morning from April to September. A market is held that attracts people from the wide surrounding area.

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