St. Lizier - St. Girons

Saint Lizier is on the banks of the River Salat, south of Toulouse and approximately 40 kilometres west of Foix. This beautiful village has two cathedrals and a bishop's palace. Next to it, a great part of the Roman wall is still standing. The nearby Pyrenees make for a beautiful backdrop and make the village one of France's special places.

Pilgrimage route Santiago de Compostella

Pilgrimage routes were very popular in the Middle Ages. Saint Lizier was on such a route.  It was one of the main routes to the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostella. This route started in Narbonne and ran along the north side of the Pyrenees to the west of Spain. Saint Lizier benefited from the flow of travellers because it has a cathedral within its walls. In this bishop's church, relics of St. Lizier were often visited by the pilgrims. Tourists travel along this pilgrimage route to this day, which is very lucrative for the village.

Saint Lizier

A street goes up from the church square to a gate with a clock on top. No wonder this gate is called the 'Tour d'Horloge'. Once you've made it through the gate you reach the upper city, where you can enjoy walks through all the small intimate streets and alleys with lots of flowers.


In early August, there is a nationally known music festival in classic style. In July and August there are plenty of shows in Gallo - Roman style.


The surroundings are exceptionally beautiful and unspoilt. There are many possibilities to take long walks. The market on Saturday morning in Saint-Girons, with delicious regional products, is worth a visit; it is one of the most popular markets in the Pyrenees!

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