Sports activities in Provence

In the wider region of the Provence are many opportunities for sports activities. The landscape is very suitable for this. For both beginners and advanced users.

Beautiful nature of the Provence

The untouched nature where you can enjoy hiking, biking or horseback riding appeals to many. A trip with the quad is also a possibility. Hours wandering around the mountains and through the valleys with new and wonderful views every time.

Water sports Gorges du Verdon

The rivers and lakes of the Verdon, especially in the gorges du Verdon are often used for water sports. Canoeing, rafting and sailing are popular. But also swimming, diving and jumping off high rocks.


From all parts of Europe and beyond, climbers of mountains and rocks come to the Verdon. For some, no rock wall is too steep to climb or descend.


Interested in viewing the landscape from above? That's also a possibility. Various forms of parachuting and related sports are practiced in the area. Bungee jumping is possible as well.

Bicycle rental

ESC Bikes
Parking Casino
04120 Castellane
0033 6 21613275

Hiking with a guide

La Lagne
04120 Castellane
0033 6 31262089
Verdon Nature
Hameau de Sionne
04120 Castellane
0033 6 82232171

Horseback riding

La Chevauchee du Verdon
04120 Castellane
0033 6 10800372
Ferme Equestre du Pesquier
Plan de la Palud
04120 Castellane
0033 6 09967516
Various options for parachuting
Various options for bungee jumping

Quadbike riding

Loisirs les Gaulois
1 sous les prés
04120 Demandolx
0033 6 83273332
Various options for climbing / descending

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