Monflanquin lies at around 15 km above the valley of the Lot, exactly in between the Périgord and Guyenne. The village can be seen from afar seen as it is located on top of the big hill: the Pech de Monflanquin. This was a strategic place to build a village at the time seen as it allowed you to be able to see the enemy coming from afar. From the village you can enjoy the beautiful views over the Lède valley with the hills, orchards and fields. Walk around the village and take in the breath-taking views. Monflanquin is one of the most beautiful villages in France. It isn’t without reason that the village is included in the well-known list of "Les plus beaux villages de France". During your holiday in France, visit this village and enjoy its charm. Monflanquin has it all: a beautiful landscape, the typical French lifestyle and the cultural heritage of the area

Monflanquin, one of the "Plus beaux villages"

Monflanquin is on the well-known list of the most beautiful villages in France: "Les plus beaux villages de France". The authentic bastide village is beautiful. In the middle of the village you’ll find the main square. There are six similar half-timbered houses on each side of the square and the square has the characteristic arcades: the pointed arches and colonnades where trade used to take place. Now you’ll find terraces here where you can enjoy a drink and relax in the shade. On the square you can see the house of the Black Prince and its beautiful windows with vertical window pillars. A little further back is the church of Saint-André with its fortified façade, its pointed arch gate and its tower with three openings. If you walk away from the square you will enter the streets and alleys. These are all perpendicular to each other and surround the square or rectangular houseblocks, which is the characteristic street plan of a bastide village.

Features Monflanquin

  • Authentic bastide village
  • Signature arcades
  • House of the Black Prince
  • Église Saint-André
  • Beautiful nature
  • Museums and artisans
  • Markets
  • Festivals

Bastide villages in south-west France

In the southwest of France there are many bastide villages. The region is therefore called "Pays des Bastides". Examples are villages such as Monpazier, Ville Réal, Castillonnès and Monflanquin.
These villages, with their characteristic tight street pattern and a  square as a center, all originated in the late Middle Ages and were founded by a prince or local nobleman to expand his power and protect his territory. It was also a center of crafts and commerce. In order to persuade the inhabitants to live in such a village, the inhabitants were given certain privileges such as exemption from draft and taxes.

History of Monflanquin

The history of Monflanquin dates back to the thirteenth century where it was founded by the brother of Louis the Saint. The village soon experienced a flourishing period that was strongly influenced by  the conflict between the French and English king in the fourteenth century. France was divided between the two princes with the village right on the border. The village often changed 'owners' but belonged to the English for the longest time during this Hundred Years War. The English Crown Prince Edward of Woodstock, also known as the Edward the Black Prince, even lived here for a while and his house can still be visited.

Museum and artisans

If you want to learn more about the unique history and the development of the bastide villages, visit  the Musée des Bastides, which is located in the Office de Tourisme on the village square. This museum will give you a good impression of the different characteristics of a bastide and its origin. Another great place to visit is the gallery with its arcades around the Place des Arcades. Also visit the local créateurs-artisans, like the soap maker Anja Canaux from Savonnerie Saponaire.

Monflanquin 17 Frankrijk Dordogne Lot bastide vakantie luxe villa feesten plus beaux village.jpg

Medieval festivals

During the summer months a big party is celebrated in Monflanquin every year. These festivities often take place around August 15th and transport you back to the Middle Ages for a couple of days. During this festival you can watch all kinds of performances by the likes of troubadours, jugglers and actors who play along in medieval scenes. Watch the knights fighting, the horses fighting, and much more. On other days there are parades, music and games for young and old. Every day you’ll be able to wander past stalls in the village where various old crafts are demonstrated. The innkeepers will make sure that you are not short of food and drinks during these days. On the last evening, a parade will be held around the main square and a beautiful fireworks show which conclude these festive days in Monflanquin.


Every Thursday morning there is a weekly market and during the evening you can sit down at long tables and enjoy the delicious food sold at the food market. There are also ,of course, plenty of restaurants nearby where you can taste the regional cuisine!

  • Traditional market on Thursday mornings, all year round (Place des Arcades).
  • Every Thursday evening in July and August: Night market at place des Arcades (18.00 – 22.00)
  • 13 and 14 July: Fair Antiques Brocante


Just like in many other villages in France, Monflanquin regularly hosts festivals and parties. The "Baroque evenings" and the "Medieval days" are highly recommended.

  • April: Spring Fair, horse-riding
  • May: Wine and cheese festival
  • June: Festival of Music (village).
  • Summer: Evenings of baroque
  • July 14: Party, fireworks.
  • August: Shakespeare Theatre, Festival of regional products.
  • Mid-August (around August 15): Medieval festivals
  • August: Festival Les Arts Franchis.
  • First weekend in December: Feast of Saint André
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