Brignoles, tourist place in Provence

The city of Brignoles is located in the Var region, in the heart of the "green Provence", between Marseille and Sainte Maxime. It is one of the nicer places in the area. The place has several large squares with the restaurants with cozy terraces. The waiters come and go to provide guests with delicious dishes from the French kitchen.

History of Brignoles

The place Brignoles is already known in the year 558. An important Roman trade route ran through the town, the so-called Via Aurelia. This has given Brignoles a lot of prosperity and wealth. Later, in the Middle Ages, it was a favorite place of the French counts in Provence to spend their summer vacation there. They have specially built a palace for it.
Later, when industry came to the area, Brignoles grew strongly.

Medieval center

The beautiful medieval center has been preserved all these years. For many tourists it is the reason to visit the place. The old narrow streets with beautiful buildings are beautiful and give a good impression of the atmosphere of the past. If you enjoy walking, it is worthwhile to walk through this medieval center for a few hours.

Medieval festivals - Fête Medieval

The old medieval center is regularly the setting for typical Provencal markets and medieval festivals. The people are then dressed up in medieval style. Large parades go through the city. All kinds of old crafts are depicted. Naturally the knight games are also discussed.

Wine Fair

For almost 100 years there has been a wine fair every year with more than 500 exhibitors. All kinds of wine are exhibited. Of course you can taste the wine and buy one or more bottles. In Brignoles there are also some wine châteaux that are worth visiting. Château Margillière is one of them.

Plum festival - Fête des prunes

One of the most important parties in Brignoles is the plum party. The region is known for its plums that grow in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

Notre Dame d Esprance

In Brignoles is a beautiful and famous church, Notre-Dame d Esprance (our dear wife of Good Hope). The church is built in Gothic style. The entrance is decorated with stone ornaments. There are two large trees on the sides of the entrance. Together with the church, they form a harmonious whole. The interior is also impressive.

Thoronet Abbey

Near Brignoles is the famous Abbey of Thoronet, a paragon of Roman culture. The abbey was built in the 12th century and was initially inhabited by 25 monks. They lived off the agriculture and the fish they grew. In the 14th century there were only 4 monks left after an epidemic and it fell into disrepair. The monastery was closed in the 18th century. Now it is used as a museum.

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