Aqualand Arcachon for plenty of holiday pleasure

Undertaking various activities is always a fun way to spend your vacation. Such activities could include visiting local towns or markets, going around to view or familiarize yourself with the surroundings or even just enjoying a glass of wine on a terrace. However, if you are looking for something different to do on your next vacation then Aqualand Arcachon is the perfect place for you. It will provide a great experience and exciting holiday with friends and family.

Fun during your vacation

The Aqualand Arcachon is the largest water park on the Atlantic coast and is suitable for both young and old. The waterpark has special facilities for small children so that you do not have to worry about their whereabouts all day. Despite this, the park emphasizes mainly on its somewhat older youth and young adults. Seniors are of course also welcome to participate but it may become a little too intense for some.

Layout of the park

The park contains multiple facilities and the level of intensity or excitement is completely up to you. This is because every slide has an indicated difficulty level so that you have the opportunity beforehand to decide whether or not it is a slide you want to go down. In addition to the attractions there is also plenty of room to relax and even sunbathe whilst your family members of friends attend the attractions. The park does not require you to bring food or drinks as these can all be purchased there, along with this are plenty of gift shops and other small stores to fulfill your needs and dreams.

Various attractions

Due to the park being the largest on the Atlantic coast there is plenty of choice regarding the attractions. Are you going to compete in a slide race in the eight lanes wide Surf Racer? Or do you want to go into a spaceship as you enter the Black Hole, int which thousands of lights will pass by you? For those who really dare, there is the Tornado, which will make it seem as though you are being swallowed by the wild seas.

The park is open from mid-June to early September.

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