Coccinelle - amusement park for children

Coccinelle is located between Bordeaux and Arcachon. This park is aimed at young children. It is a combination of an amusement park with all kinds of attractions and a wildlife park with farm animals. It is great place to spend a day and is fun for the whole family.

Theme park

The park has a theme park with many fun attractions for children. There are various inflatables such as bouncy castles where children can fill their hearts with joy. When they are tired and hot they can go for a swim and play in the water park which has loads of fun play equipment such as slides. Many children also enjoy going on a boat that slides down into the water with their mum or dad. Splashes fly in every direction on this ride and you are bound to get a little wet! There are also other attractions in a different part of the park such as merry-go-rounds, swings and a train.
Rollercoasters remain a must when going to a theme park. They are very fun and both children and their parents enjoy the thrill of riding them! Take your family along for a ride on a rollercoaster, the park has rides at many different speeds thus there will be a perfect fit for you! The high slides are something you must also try when visiting Kidparc Coccinelle.

Animal park

Kidparc Coccinelle also has various animals who live in different areas scattered across the park. The park houses goats, ponies, sheep, donkeys, rabbits, llamas, baby horses and more. The real question is: have you ever seen a sheep with four horns? I bet the answer is no, well there is one for you to see and meet in Coccinelle! The children can stroke and play with the animals. They are also encouraged to give the young ones a bottle. The park houses approximately 800 animals.

Eat & Drink

There are many places in the park for you to enjoy your food and drinks. There are seats in shady places perfect for having picnics or relaxing whilst your children play.


You can read reviews on various sites. It is striking that these reviews are almost always (very) positive!

For families with small children Kidparc Coccinelle was a great outing. We first walked through the park and visited the animals. We then went into the playground. Recommended for families!

This park has a great range of attractions for toddlers to teenagers. For a reasonable price you can enjoy the park for a whole day with your family. Our children (3 and almost 5 years) loved it. Feeding the animals and the train roller coaster were their favourites!

A well laid-out park. Our children aged 6, 10 and 12 had a great time. We can certainly recommend this park.

Parc de la Coccinelle

La Hume - Parc de Loisirs
33470 Gujan-Mestras
+33 (0) 5 56 66 30 41

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