Markets in the area

A local French market is always nice to visit. If you can see authentic French life somewhere, it is here.

Merchandise on the market

Anything and everything is offered on a French market. It is mainly the local products that are of interest: vegetables, fruit and all kinds of fruits. But meat, fish and poultry are also included. The form in which it is offered differs considerably from other, in particular Northern European markets. If it is usually packed there, everything is on the shelves in rudimentary form. In any case, it is always clear what you are buying.

Various types of markets

  • Brocantes: Markets for second-hand household items, bric-a-brac instead of antiques, but often with interesting local items.
  • Puces: Flea markets - often at set times and places.
  • Vide-greniers: Vide-grenier means "empty attic". The idea is that everyone in a village sells her unnecessary things from their house to their 'neighbors' and everyone who is interested. Announcements for vide-greniers are posted everywhere along the side of the road.

Meeting place

For many French people, the market is a weekly getaway. Here you meet, chat and exchange news. The atmosphere is casual and cordial.

After the market

When the market is approaching the end and unsold items have been loaded, many traders disappear into a cafe or restaurant to continue the conversations there. After all, you only see each other once a week!

Local markets

Below is an overview of the local markets in the area. The list is not complete and may also change. Ask the administrator for the most recent information. Do you come across a nice market somewhere in the area that is mentioned? or have certain days changed? we would appreciate it if you would pass this on to us.

  • Sunday: Lugos, Hostens, Arcachon, La Teste de Buch, Biscarrosse
  • Monday: Arcachon
  • Tuesday: Arcachon, Audenge, Andernos les Bains, Arès, Sanguinet
  • Wednesday: Arcachon, Gujan Mestras, Cap Ferret
  • Thursday: Arcachon, La Teste de Buch, Lanton
  • Friday: Belin - Béliet, Arcachon, Le Barp, Saucats, Andernos les Bains, Biscarrosse
  • Saturday: Salles, Mios, Biganos, Arcachon, La Teste de Buch, Cap Ferret, Sanguinet, Biscarrosse
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