Bisc ’Aventure - climbing course and laser games

On the Atlantic coast, in a beautiful setting, lies the tourist village of Biscarrosse. There is also Bisc’Aventure, a park with a tree climbing course, laser games, climbing walls, Free-jumps and giant slingshot. It is one of the largest parks in France. There are different levels of difficulty, making the park attractive for young and old. Children under 14 only have access if there are adults. This adult must have followed the safety instructions and remain present at the park.

Tree climbing course

A trail has been laid out at different levels between the trees. For children from 4 years old there is the possibility to go through the course at a low level. For the elderly, the trail is at a height of around 10 meters and sometimes even higher. Of course, all participants with safety cables, the continuous Lifeline mounting system, are attached to the course and you will be guided by professional and qualified instructors. From the highest points in the trail you have a beautiful view of the region and the sea.

Free jump

Not everyone dares to jump down from a height of 5 or 7.5 meters. Fortunately, there is a large air mattress of 100 m2 below where you will end up. Jump like a stunt man, do somersaults and enjoy.


There is a huge slingshot at the park. This will take you to a height of 15 to 18 meters in 2 seconds. First you go up with enormous power, then a phase of weightlessness follows. Finally, you come down in a free fall, after which you are braked and landed safely again. At the highest level you even rise above the trees.

Climbing wall

For the climbing wall and the Escalad'arbre you need strength and steel nerves. Of course everything is safe and approved. Climb up meter by meter and reach the top.


A fun activity with the family or a group of friends. You must be with at least 4 people. Fight with each other on a defined site. You have a shooting range of up to 150 meters. Lasergame has no projectiles and therefore different from, for example, paintball.

Eat & Drink

There are benches on the grounds where you can rest and eat and drink. You can also buy food and drinks at the park.

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