Biscarrosse: a tourist resort

Biscarrosse is located south of Arcachon and Dune de Pila. The village is on the coast of the Atlantic and part of the village is even on the beach. Here there are many restaurants and bars for tourists, and it is a popular place to spend a day.


When the weather is nice, the beach is usually already well filled in the morning as it is a very popular place. Whoever goes here is sure to enjoy the sun, sea and beach. From the beach you can easily walk back into the village to get some food or even a drink.


There are nice shops and boutiques in the village and on the Boulevard. They are often souvenir shops or stores that sell clothing and swimwear, and it is a nice place to stroll by.


There are multiple restaurants and bars in the village and on the beach. Here you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner depending on how long you stay. You can always also sit there for a cup of coffee in the mornings or a glass of wine in the evenings. For this purpose the bars are upon late into the evening.


In the sea, near the beach, there is a large Aquapark. The park even offers supervision during the summer, here you have the opportunity to climb the attractions and either jump or slide into the water, there is even a tower that you can jump from. Overall it is a great time and experience for the children.


Many forms of water sports are practiced in the sea at Biscarrosse. There is a surf school where you can rent surfboards and lessons are also given here. It is even possible to go on a jet ski, this is a very popular day activity especially amongst the older youth.

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Go-kart track

There is also a go-kart track in Biscarrosse. This experience is fun for all ages. Important characteristics for karting are being daring and having agility. Which one of your friends or families will be the first to cross the finish line?


The Biscarrosse area is very suitable for cycling. There are well-laid cycle paths along the coast and evem more inland. You can cycle through extensive forests and along beautiful nature reserves.

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