Aqualand St. Cyr sur Mer, Frejus and St. Maxime

The Mediterranean coast in the South of France is a popular vacation destination. Every year, many tourists come to this region for vacations. In this coastal region there are therefore many facilities and entertainment options for tourists. The Aquaparks are very popular. These are located in St. Cyr-sur-Mer, St. Maxime and in Frejus.

Going to Aqualand during your vacation

Going to Aqualand for a day is a great experience for both young and old. At Aqualand, there are a variety of swimming pools and waterslides. The attractions vary in difficulty. Each attraction has a sign which describes who the ride is suitable for. They are often divided into categories: calm, family, children and thrilling. The whole family can enjoy it, including small children. There are also special playgrounds for children.
For the older youth and adults, there are spectacular slides that you can take off at a dizzying speed. The names of the attractions will already tell you: Crazy Race, Crazy Races Kid, Mini Park, Niagara, King Cobra, Anaconda, Color Splash, Magic Slide, Rapid Rafting, White-Hole, Blue Mountain, Black-Hole, Flying Boat, Twister, Adrenaline Fun, and X-treme Bowl! In addition to the waterslides, there are also the swimming pools and a wave pool.
The wait times can sometimes be long. In that case, consider buying a “fast pass” bracelet. Then, you have priority and do not have to stand in line.

Relaxing, eating & drinking

While the children are playing, you can enjoy yourself in other ways. There are sunbathing areas and patios with sun loungers for you to use. There are restaurants where you can buy food and drinks. You can choose from the snack bar, the ice cream bar, the sandwich shop, the creperie, the fast food restaurant and the grill pizza corner.

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