Kiddy park Hyeres on the Mediterranean

Hyeres is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, east of Toulon. It is a tourist place with beautiful beaches. The road to get there is already beautiful. You drive through the Provencal countryside and pass tourist villages on the way to the coast of the Mediterranean.

Amusement park for all ages

Right behind the harbor and the beach of Hyeres, there is the amusement park called Kiddy Park. This park is divided into three parks for various age groups:

  • La Cabane for children 2 to 10 years old. This is a park with play equipment for this age group.
  • Kiddy Park for all age groups. This is the largest park.
  • Accro Adventures is for older children. This has a ropes course that runs between the trees at a high and somewhat lower level. It is also possible to get launched in the Ejector!

Kiddy Park, a great day during your vacation

For both young and old, a visit to Kiddy Park will lead to an unforgettable holiday. There are all kinds of attractions at this large park. There is a pirate ship that goes back and forth like a big swing. Perhaps a bigger challenge: the jumping tower! Jump down from a great height and land on a large air cushion. Go-karts are available for the younger children and older people can try a quad. The playground also has slides, swings, carousels and climbing structures. A train runs through the park. The children can take a break there and still look at all of the beautiful things in the park.

Water park and circus

The water park is also open from June to mid-September. It is lovely to cool down there on hot days. Go down the big water slide and let the children have fun with all kinds of water games. The boats are also fun, and the children will have a great time.
During the summer months there is also a circus at the park. They regularly give performances that you can watch. It is a fun circus with animals, tightrope walkers, magic, and juggling performances.

Restaurant and picnic

There is a restaurant at the park where you can buy food and drinks. There are benches at the restaurant where you can sit down. There are also picnic tables in shady areas throughout the park where you can sit. You can relax while the children enjoy the attractions.

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