Parasailing in Provence, Languedoc and Aquitaine

Along the coasts of the Atlantic and Mediterranean in France, there are plenty of opportunities for water sports. From the Côte d´Azur and Provence to the Languedoc, and from La Rochelle to Biarritz, you can swim, dive, sail, jet ski and cruise in almost any place. You can also parasail in some places. This is a sport where you need to have some adrenaline!

Parasailing during your holiday

This form of water sports has not been around for very long. It is possible in places such as Argeles Sur Mer, Beziers, Frejus, Bandol, St. Cyr Sur Mer, Cavalaire Sur Mer, Saint Raphael, and Arcachon. You will join a group on a speedboat, put on a safety vest, and receive detailed instructions.
On the back of the boat there is a flat deck where you will stand, often with two people. While the boat picks up speed, a parachute is released at the rear. The parachute is attached to a pulley on the boat with a sturdy cable. The parasailers are attached a few meters below the parachute.
The boat will go even faster and slowly the cable is unwound from the pulley. Due to the speed of the boat, the parachute goes further and further into the air and the parasailers go up.

View over the Mediterranean sea

The faster the boat sails, the higher you go. Eventually, you will be about 50m above the water. You float quietly under the parachute and have a magnificent view. Because you keep floating at the same height, you will not suffer from dizziness. Around you, you can see the sea and the boats sail under you. From this height, they will look like small boats! You will see beautiful beaches with colorful umbrellas as far as the eye can see. Occasionally, there is a tourist resort. If you look further around, you will notice that you can see a long way inland, sometimes miles away.
After about 10 minutes, the cable will be wound again and after a few moments, you will be safely back in the stern of the boat. A spectacularly rich experience!

Parasailing safety

For this type of sport, the question always arises whether or not it is safe. However, there are no greater risks to parasailing than most other sports. Experienced, certified instructors will guide you. The boats, cable, and parachute are checked several times daily. Safety first!

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