Zoo Fauverie on Mont Faron in Toulon

On top of the mountain "Mont Faron" in Toulon is the zoo "Fauverie". It is a zoo that specializes in feline species. The park aims to protect various animal species from extinction.

Visit Mont Faron during your vacation

Mont Faron is located in the south of France. It is north of the city Toulon which is located in between the Mediterranean sea and Mont Faron. The mountain provides a magnificent view of Toulon and the neighbouring coastal region. With a cable car you can go up to the top of the mountain. The peak also has a restaurant where you can drink a cup of coffee or eat some lunch whilst enjoying the stunning surroundings. There are various hiking trails on the mountain which take you through the beautiful nature. There is also a World War II museum on the mountain which provides information on the landing of the Allies in Provence. The port of Toulon played an important role in the landing of the allies during the second world war. The zoo is also located on the mountain.

Zoo with mainly felines

The Mont Faron zoo specializes in feline species. The zoo still houses a few different animal species but the focus lies on feline species. There is a research centre in the zoo dedicated to researching the reproduction of feline animal species. Research is being conducted into both birth programs and the health of these animal species.

The park has animals such as tigers, lynxes, cougars, jaguars, panthers, lions, swamp cats and many more! The park also has wolves, raccoons, baboons and hyenas. The animals are fed at various times of the day and the park is open to children helping with the feeding.

Eat & Drink

There is a restaurant in the park where you can enjoy various simple meals and both cold and hot drinks. There are benches and picnic tables in- and outside the restaurant and also scattered over the park. There are more restaurants outside the park on the mountain. There is also a souvenir shop at the restaurant in the park.

The entrance fee for an adult is approx. € 10 and children approx. € 6.

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