Aqualand Agen, water fun for young and old

The city of Agen is located in the south of France along the highway that connects Bordeaux and Toulouse. Agen is located in the Lot et Garonne department and belongs to the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. This region is popular among tourists. There are several theme parks in the city of Agen of which Aqualand is one.

A holiday in Aqualand

Spending a day of your well-deserved holiday at Aqualand is an unforgettable experience for both young and old. All day long you can enjoy various types of attractions and slides. The Aqualand in Agen was built during 2017 and 2018 and utilizes the latest attraction possibilities in this area. It is one of the largest waterparks in France.

Attractions in Aqualand Agen

There are various zones in the park. “Familyland” is a section with slides that is suitable for children and seniors who want to take it easy. Another zone, called the “Sensation zone”, has slides that are more daring and are aimed at the real daredevils. The slides all have names that trigger your imagination!

Familyland in Aqualand Agen

 “Familyland” has the following attractions:

  • Wave lagoon: A wave pool of 700 m2 and a beach of 5,000 m2. Enjoy the high waves together with your family or by yourself! There are also several spots in the shade on the beach.
  • Coloradoriver: The Coloradoriver is focussed on gaining momentum. Your kids and you are on a buoy. You slowly and calmly float through the water, just like a lazy river. The river is over 200m long.
  • Adventure kids: A beautiful playground with 8 slides. There are also deep swimming pools suitable for beginner swimmers. This area is very popular among children.
  • Children's paradise: A special area has been created for small children. This area has small slides and water games. For the parents/caregivers there are benches surrounding the paradise so that they can keep an eye on the children.

Sensation zone in Aqualand Agen

In the Sensation zone you can try the following attractions:

  • Tornado: The largest water roller coaster in Europe. For this ride you sit on an inflatable ring and, after a spectacular descent, you arrive in a huge funnel.
  • Volcano: This is a whirlwind of curves that leads to a free fall. This is a very popular attraction.
  • Spirale: this is a slide with alternating open and closed sections in the course. This combined with exciting light effects makes it a great attraction.
  • Anaconda: This slide is known for its countless unpredictable turns.
  • Speed ​​surfer: The slide starts with an near free fall. You then arrive in a slide where you slow down till you stop safely. This attraction is popular among extreme sports enthusiasts
  • Dracon: This is a rollercoaster in the water. You go in all directions and eventually get off at a quiet end point.
  • Zigzag: You can go down this slide at the same time as your friends. Race each other at see who arrives at the bottom first!
  • Poseidon / Vertigo / Niagara / Eldorado: There are four different slides ready for you and your children. Each slide has its own speciality. One slide has a lot of turns, another a fast descent. The third slide starts at a height of 28m, whilst the last slide has an almost vertical start.

Facilities at Aqualand Agen

The park has various facilities:

  • In many areas of the park there is the possibility to sit or lie down between the various attractions. Seats, benches and sunbeds are available.
  • Lockers: the park has storage areas that can be locked which means there is no need for someone to stay with the valuables all the time
  • Restaurant: In the restaurant you can get various kinds of food and drinks
  • Shop: there is the possibility to buy souvenirs in the park shop
  • Cashless payment system: It is possible to get a special bracelet which lets you pay cashless and can easily be topped up at various points in the park. This bracelet lets you easily pay at the restaurant or shop without having to go out for money every time.
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