Antibesland - largest amusement park in Provence-Côte d'Azur

The Antibesland amusement park is located between Nice and Cannes. It lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is the largest amusement park in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur area. The park has more than 30 attractions and is open from April to September.
There are attractions perfect for all ages. If you are spending your holiday in the South of France, you must explore this amusement park seen as both you and your children will definitely have a very enjoyable time. Who doesn’t love to spend a day full of thrills with their loved ones. Both young and old will love it.

Antibesland is different from other amusement parks

Most amusement parks are open from morning to early evening, Antibesland ,on the contrary, only opens at 17:00 and then stays open until 01:30 at night. During the dark hours of the evening all the lights make for a beautiful sight.
Another difference between Antibesland and other amusement parks is the manner of paying. In most parks you must pay a standard entrance fee and then you have access to all or almost all attractions in the park. In Antibesland this works differently. You pay per attraction. So you can decide which attraction you like and where you want to go. In addition, other attractions, such as the playground for children, are free of charge.

Antibesland has attractions for all ages

All ages have been considered:

  • For the youngest children there is a little train that you ,as a parent, can also join.
  • Slightly older children can go on the caterpillar tracks, roller coasters, duck fishing, mini-karts, adventure courses, cars and bumping boats.
  • For the next age group there are multiple trampolines, a ghost train, swings, giant slides, both rides on rails or on water, mini go-karts, mini bumper cars ...and much more!
  • For older children Antibesland has the following: roller coasters, caterpillars, exciting attractions, ice palaces, multi-storey adventure course, roller coaster, karting ...
  • For teenagers and adults there are loads of exciting attractions, the impressive "NASA", Adrenaline, bungee jumping and Boomerang.

Adrenaline and Booster NASA

The most sensational attractions in the park are the Adrenaline and the NASA Booster. The rides transport you up 60 metres and then suddenly make a free fall. You fall downwards at a great speed. For this attraction you need "nerves of steel" seen as adrenaline will rush through your body. The Booster NASA reaches a speed of 110km/h. This is a sensational experience that you must experience during your holiday.

Eating and Drinking

At the amusement park there are several possibilities to buy food and drinks. You can choose from several restaurants, from fast food to traditional restaurants, budget meals or extensive meals.
Some examples of the choices you have are: hot snacks, sandwiches, salads, drinks, pancakes, waffles, donuts, churros, fresh juices, ice cream, candyfloss and milkshakes.

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