Holiday homes in France where the dog is welcome
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Holiday homes in France where the dog is welcome

For many dog owners, its important to be able to take the dog with you on holiday. In a number of FranceComfort parks, dogs are more than welcome and there are also houses specially suited for them. Guests who also prefer not to stay in a holiday home where a dog has been, can rest assured that this will not happen.

Heading to France for the holidays, is your dog coming along too?

It's common for families to consider taking the dog along or not. If they do, it's important that this family member also has a great time. Not all dogs, however, are suited for travel. Temperament, physical limitations or illness can be reasons to leave them at home. If you are in doubt, it may be wise to first head out for a weekend trip somewhere nearby as a test. This way you'll know immediately if your dog can handle a longer journey by car. Be sure to have all vaccinations done on time.

The dog and climate in France

You know your dog best and whether he can handle the warmth well. If summer days are already very tiring for a dog, there's no pleasure in taking him to an even warmer region.
If your dog can handle heat, remember to take water with you during long walks. Bear in mind that in certain parts of France, you need to pay close attention to places that may be inhabited by vipers. And don't forget to bring tick removers!

Check the insurance if the dog comes along on holiday

Read the terms and conditions of at least two insurances: the travel insurance and the WA insurance. Health insurance abroad for people often fall under the travel insurance, this does not, however, apply for a dog. In addition, it is nice to know that if your dog accidentally breaks something in the house, it's covered by your insurance.

Taking your dog to a restaurant in France

In France, certain rules are imposed by the government. Chances are that dogs are not allowed in restaurants where there is an open kitchen. Also bear in mind that dining in France is done over a somewhat longer period than at home. So for a dog it may seem even longer, whereby he may become restless.

In which holiday parks is your dog allowed

Your dog is welcome on most of our holiday parks. In some cases we even have special houses for dogs. These are often located on the edge of the park. Choose from one of the parks below and book, along with your dog, a wonderful holiday in France.


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