Your hiking holiday in France starts at FranceComfort

Around thirty percent of the Englishmen walk at least one hour a week, which is not without reason seen as taking brisk walks has numerous advantages. France is a great place to go walking and experience the environment and nature in its purest form.

Advantages hiking holiday

Hiking is a sport which is not injury prone and can be practiced at any age. Furthermore, taking long walks also contributes to burning fat, improves the hearts and blood vessels condition and lowers cholesterol.

Last but not least, walking reduces stress and is a great activity to do together with other people. This is why walking is an ideal activity to do during your holiday in France!

Long distance walks in France for young and old

With endless kilometers of hiking trails, France is THE destination for anyone who enjoys walking. La douce France offers endless hiking pleasure. Whether you choose to walk in the hills, over the countryside, through rolling vineyards or along the coast, all is possible when you are on a walking holiday in France. France also has beautiful long-distance hikes for young and old, and for both novice and more experienced hikers. France has a hiking network with a total length of over 180,000 kilometers of  marked hiking trail. This network is divided into shorter Promenade et Randonnée (PR) routes, Grande Randonnées (GR) and regional paths (GRP).

  • 180.000km hiking trails
  • Promenade et Randonnée (PR) routes
  • Grande Randonnées (GR) routes
  • regional paths (GRP)
  • for young and old
  • for beginners and experienced hikers
  • hills, vineyards, coast
  • alone, with friends or with family

Hiking in France with the whole family

GRPs are loop-shaped walking routes that stay within a certain region and that you can often combine together. GR's are the hiking trails that cross various regions and cover the longest distances in one line. An 'A pied en famille route' is perfect for if you want to go walking together with your family. These walking routes belong to the Promenade et Randonnée routes and last one to three hours. Children love going on walks, they often run ahead and search for the next clue to tell them the direction of the walking route.

In which regions can you book a hiking holiday with FranceComfort?

Your hiking holiday in France starts with FranceComfort! Our luxurious and contemporary holiday parks are located in central and southern France and offer a comfortable base for going on
dynamic hikes. You can opt for a walking/hiking holiday in any of the following regions.

Dordogne - This popular holiday region in the southwest of France is characterized by its pleasant continental climate. The beautiful and varied nature makes the Dordogne ideal for hiking holidays. Winding rivers and ancient forests alternate with untouched nature reserves, vineyards and meadows. The region has around 4,000 kilometres of short walking routes and around a 1000 kilometres of long routes. The walking routes take you through touristic villages and past cozy terraces where you can rest and have a drink. Our parks Village des Cigales, Domaine de Lanzac and Le Lac Bleu in the Dordogne are a great base for your next hiking holiday.

Poitou - Charentes - The Poitou-Charentes region has fantastic landscapes which look as if they come straight from a painting. The region has vast farmlands, picturesque villages and beautiful old castles and is very popular among hikers. Poitou-Charentes is a region in western France and is located by the Atlantic Ocean. Seen as the region is fairly flat but somewhat hilly in some places, the hiking trails are not easily tiring. Whilst walking you will pass picturesque villages and breathtakingly beautiful nature reserves. Poitou-Charentes is also known for its vineyards. Our holiday parks Bourg Est-Vigelière, Domaine les Forges and L'Aveneau - Vieille Vigne are located in Poitou-Charentes.

Languedoc - The Languedoc region is located in the the south of France and has a wonderfully warm climate in the summer and beautiful sandy beaches. Hiking in the Languedoc has challenging hikes for both the trained and the novice hiker. The landscape in this region is very varied. You can walk along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, through the Pyrenees mountains or in the Garrigue nature reserve. The region also has extensive vineyards through which you can walk. The many ancient Roman routes make the Languedoc region a favorite walking destination. Our holiday park L'Espinet offers you a spacious base for a hiking holiday in the Languedoc region.

Provence - Côte d'Azur - Provence - Côte d'Azur has authentic French villages and purple lavender fields which smell wonderful. This beautiful region in the south of France has inspired many world-famous painters such as Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. Provence - Côte d'Azur has something for every hiker. The region has challenging hiking trails which go inland and along the coast. The area is famous for its tasteful Provencal cuisine and the pleasant temperatures. During your hiking holiday in France you should most definitely visit the famous seaside resorts Saint Tropez and Cannes and stroll along the promenade. The holiday parks Villa's du Verdon, Vallée de la Sainte Baume and Jardin du Golf are perfect as base for an unforgettable walking holiday in the South of France.

The Gironde - Aquitaine - Gironde - Aquitaine is part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in southwest France and is located on the beautiful coast of the Atlantic Ocean. A walk through the forests of périgord  and les Landes guarantee an unforgettable experience. Going for a walk along the sunny coast is also highly recommended. Our favorite routes for a walk from north to south are the Scandibérique and the Vélodyssée and if you would like to explore old towpaths go for a walk along the Canal des Deux Mers and the Garonne. You should also take a walk through Bordeaux. FranceComfort holiday park Château de Salles lies in this region!

The French Alps during the summer – The French Alps has beautiful hiking areas. You can choose from a vast network of hiking trails and opt for a walk through the idyllic valleys or over the highest ridges. In the middle of the French Alps of the Haut Chablais and the Valais lies Portes du Soleil, a versatile area with rivers, vast lakes, green spruces, authentic farms and cheerful alpine cows. During the summer the area is perfect for taking beautiful walks past cozy Alpine villages and Lake Geneva. Portes du Soleil has a large hiking network of hundreds of kilometers with many hiking opportunities. Do you want to go hiking in the French Alps? Then book in holiday park AlpChalets Portes du Soleil!

The French Alps during the winter - No area is as suitable for hiking as the area with the highest mountains in France. The French Alps has many breathtakingly beautiful hiking areas. Portes du Soleil has a wide hiking network of 800 kilometers that offers you endless hiking opportunities. During the winter Portes du Soleil is very popular among ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Are you visiting the region for a winter holiday? Going skiing and snowboarding and taking winter walks is the perfect combination for a winter holiday. Do you want to go hiking in the French Alps? Then we would like to welcome you to our newest holiday park AlpChalets Portes du Soleil!

Walking through the French vineyards

A final tip for your next walking holiday in France, which is particularly popular with real Burgundians, is to visit the vineyards. It is a fantastic spectacle to see how the fruits get their green and blue colors during the summer months. Do you want to walk through the vineyards in the autumn? This is a great time to admire the harvesting of grapes. Although most winemakers nowadays do this with machines, some farmers still pick their grapes by hand. After being picked, the grapes are taken to the central cooperative or wineries, where they are pressed and bottled.

Picking grapes

Would you like to take a break during your walk through the French countryside to help? The owners of many of the wine farms are very happy to take your help with picking grapes, and then afterwards treat you to a delicious wine tasting. In which French region will you go on a dynamic hiking holiday in France?

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