Discovering in the Dordogne

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You will never get bored in the Dordogne. Some of FranceComfort's parks are in the Dordogne region. The holiday parks are ideal for all kinds of activities in the Dordogne region. You will also stay close to a major national heritage, the Parc Naturel Régional des Causses du Quercy.

For young and old you can experience everything in this popular region. Are you already going on a discovery trip? We are happy to give you some good holiday tips for the surroundings of this national park. These attractions are within an hour's drive from the holiday parks. That is nice, especially with children. So you always have time to take a refreshing dip in the pool.

Sailing across the river

Kayaking and canoeing is inextricably linked to the Dordogne river. The river that flows right past the holiday park offers endless possibilities for water sport activities. Canoeing on the Dordogne is a beautiful experience. After each turn you will be surprised by a different view. During the trip over the water you will see castles, castles and rocks. You will also pass villages where you can get off to grab a terrace. If you want to sail a special route, that is possible too. You choose a starting point and after the day trip you can leave the canoe at the end of the tour. Do you like adventure? Then we recommend a multi-day trip. You spend the night in tents.

A day at Rocamadour

If you fancy a day of culture, Rocamadour is the perfect tourist spot. This town is the most visited pilgrimage site after Lourdes. The city is built on a vast limestone plateau. There is a castle on top of the rock. Here you have a beautiful view of the surroundings. Via a staircase or a lift that connects the city with the castle, you will pass seven shrines on the Parvis des Églises. The town itself consists of narrow streets. There are also some popular attractions here. There is a knightshow. And you must also have seen the Cite Religieuse. This cathedral is built against the mountainside. It is very worthwhile to stay in the evenings as an illuminated Rocamadour is simply enchantingly beautiful.

Caves Lacave Caves

Breathtaking are Les grottes de Lacave. With a train you enter the caves and then continue with the stairs. During a guided tour in the caves you will come in different illuminated halls and the section with UV lighting is simply beautiful. Rock formations get their own color here. We recommend to visit the caves on time because then you are in the high season for the crowds.

Fancy a zoo?

A short distance from your holiday home is Reptiland. In this reptile zoo you can see snakes, crocodiles, tarantulas, salamanders and chameleons. Two other parks that are also very worthwhile are Prehisto Dino park and Monkey Forest. In the Dinopark you get acquainted with life-size dinosaurs and even with moving dinosaurs. There is a lot of shade in the park. You can go here very well on a sunny hot day. You can feed monkeys yourself in Monkey Forest. In this park you can walk and in the meantime encounter the monkeys. You will find the park near Rocamadour at about 26 minutes from your holiday home.

Do you want to discover more in the Dordogne? Our managers at the holiday park know the environment on their thumbs. They will gladly tell you what you can do during your holiday in the Dordogne. Have fun on your discovery.

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