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Are you planning to book a stay at one of our holiday parks in central or southern France? There are loads of reasons as to why that's a good idea. First of all there is plenty to do and experience at all of our holiday parks. There is also plenty of opportunities to go on adventures in the vicinity of the parks and you can, for example, choose to: mountain bike, cycle, canoe, raft or ski. France owes its great popularity as a holiday country partly due to its versatile nature with hills, mountain landscapes, lakes and rivers, all of this variation offers the perfect backdrop for bustling and adventurous activities to remember.

Are you interested in which FranceComfort holiday parks offer you and your family/friends the best opportunities for adventure during a holiday in France? On this page you can read all about the different activities that are some of our and ours guests’ favorites.

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What activities guarantee an exciting adventure during a holiday in France?

In the vicinity of our holiday parks located in the middle and south of France there are plenty of active, sporty and adventurous activities for young and old. In the winter, for example, there are countless possibilities for winter hiking, snowboarding and skiing. France offers a whole array of different activities such as:

  • All types of winter sports such as: alpine skiing, snow hiking, cross-country skiing, helicopter flying and going on husky tours;  
  • Rafting on rivers of different difficulties;  
  • Canoeing and kayaking on lakes, streams and rivers;
  • Parapenting and paragliding in the French Alps;
  • Cycling and mountain biking through cities, villages, vineyards, hills and mountains.

Skiing in France in iconic winter sports areas

France is also well-known as an attractive and active winter sports country thanks to the French Alps. If you want to ski in France whilst enjoying beautiful snow, lots of sun and coziness, you should definitely stay at AlpChalets Portes du Soleil. This wellness resort consists of robust chalets with luxury apartments and penthouses. The accommodations are suitable for 4 to 10 people and are fully equipped to cover all your needs. Some even have their own sauna or jacuzzi. The central indoor swimming pool is heated. There is also a sauna, hot tub and fitness center.

If you choose to go skiing in France during the winter, you are assured of adventure. By choosing to stay at one of our holiday parks that is located near a winter sports area, you can also enjoy the comfort and luxury of FranceComfort whilst going on the best of adventures in the snow.

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Canoeing, kayaking and rafting in France

More and more families are opting for an adventurous holiday such as, for example, by going rafting. France offers excellent opportunities in beautiful areas to go rafting with the whole family. Rafting in France is suitable for both adults and children and can be done at all kinds of levels. It is wise to follow the advice of the rafting companies and to choose a route that they recommend for families, if it’s your family’s first time rafting. France also offers more difficult rafting routes where you are sure to experience exciting moments and get wet. In the case of opting for a more difficult route you can rent a raft and go on it together with a guide who knows the area like the back of his hand. Would you like to keep it a little more calm? Then you can also choose to go canoeing or kayaking and enjoy all the beauty that the area has to offer along the way. Rafting and canoeing in France is possible near, for example, our holiday parks: Espinet, Village des CigalesDomaine de Lanzac and  Résidence Château de Salles


Mountain biking and cycling in France

Do you enjoy watching cyclists on television conquering the mountains during the various stages of the Tour de France? And does this inspire you to go cycling in France? We know all too well at FranceComfort that la douce France is the cycling country par excellence. You can use our holiday parks as base to go cycling from. France is home to the most beautiful routes, including routes with and without major climbs and descents, beautiful routes where you cycle through the vineyards and routes where you can enjoy stunning views. In addition to cycling in France, mountain biking is also very well liked in the area. You can choose between routes for novice and trained mountain bikers that range from 10 to 80 kilometers long.


Surfing on the Coast of the Atlantic Ocean

Because France is partly on the Atlantic Ocean, it is rich in water perfect for surfing. The various regions, bays and beaches, provide very different surf conditions which makes surfing in France very dynamic. Surfing in France is possible in Bayonne, Biarritz, La Rochelle and  Arcachon by Château de Salles. We advise you to be well informed by local sources about where and what time you can best surf in France seen as the current can be treacherously strong. Good preparation is also of great importance due to, for example, meter-high waves. Are you a novice surfer? Many surf spots have surf schools that offer lessons where a professional instructor helps beginners and advanced students on their way in the French waters. 

Paragliding in the French Alps

By Paragliding, sitting in a harness connected to a parachute, in the French Alps you get the chance to explore the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings from above and can take in the scenery from a unique perspective. Paragliding is a special sport where you float in the air for a long time with the help of a parachute or wing. When paragliding in France you take off from the slope of a steep hill or a mountain. You then fly with the parachute thanks to the air resistance and the force of the wind. There is no mechanical drive involved, therefore you descend gradually during the flight. The great thing about paragliding is that this can easily take up to two hours. Would you like to see the French Alps from a unique perspective? Then go on an adventure during your holiday in France and visit one of the schools where both beginners and advanced can safely paraglide. These paragliding schools can be reached easily from our new holiday park AlpChalets Portes du Soleil

Snorkeling and diving on provence-côte d'azur

If you and your family love water, there is another fun activity you should try. The huge variety of flora and fauna and marine life of the Mediterranean in combination with the kilometers of coastline with crystal clear waters and the many diving schools and water sports centers, makes it possible to snorkel and dive in France. There are diving opportunities for every level and for all different types of interests such as lovers of nature and of shipwrecks. The diving season lasts from April to November. On Provence-Côte d'Azur, the Parc National de Port-Cros and the Centre du Royal-Canadel organize various excursions daily to introduce divers to diving in the Mediterranean Sea. Diving and snorkeling in France is possible from our holiday parks Vallée de la Ste. Baume and Jardin du Golf.

Looking for an adventurous holiday in France? You are very welcome at one of the holiday parks of FranceComfort! The pages of each park shows which adventurous activities you can do in their vicinity.

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