Entertainment during your holiday

There is a lot of entertainment provided at the park, especially during the high season. For both young and old a whole array of activities are organized. In the morning there is a kids club for young children where they can craft, draw and play games. For the older youth there are activities planned throughout the day. In the evening there is a program for teenagers and adults.

Kids club

Every day from 9.30 - 11.00, except for Saturday and Sunday, children are welcomed at the reception. Under the guidance of our animation staff, all sorts of activities are organized: Crafts, games, coloring, treasure hunts or dancing to music. Come along and enjoy the fun, be sure to take your friends with you! Moms and dads are obviously also welcome.

Making pizzas

Make your own pizza with the help of the park chef. What will you be putting on your pizza? what do you like? cheese, ham, fruits or anything else, the world is your oyster! When you're done, your pizza will be put in the oven. Together with the cook you’ll take it out, let it cool down and eat it! Your dad, mom, brother or sister might even be lucky enough to get a piece!

Gym or Aquagym  for adults

Every day between 9.00 and 9.30, except for on Saturday and Sunday, there is gym or aquagym at or in the pool under professional supervision where you can practice all sorts of exercises. Most people like to relax a bit, have a bit of exercises and enjoy good food during their holidays! Be sure to make use of the sports facilities and stay in shape!

Sports matches for young people

Play a match together with your holiday friends! Every afternoon, except for Saturdays and Sundays, you are welcome to play all sorts of sports. Everything is possible: water polo, water volleyball, floor games, football or volleyball tournament, tennis football. Spectators can stand around the playing field and encourage you.


Play a game of badminton together. This sport is a real holiday sport and can also be played in our park.

Table tennis

This game never gets boring and is played by both young and old during the. Many of the other players have learned to play table tennis during the holidays. There are two tables at the park, one outside and one inside. What type of match will you be playing? With two or four people? or will you organize a tournament with a large group of people?

Petanque tournament

Every day people at the park play jeu de boules and on Sunday evening there is even an organized tournament which takes place from 20.00. Jeu de boules is the most popular French game and is also very popular in Domaine de Lanzac. Concentration is very important when playing. Who will throw their ball closest to the little ball, the "but".

Evening program high season

Almost every evening during the high season there are activities organized at the park (outside the high season there is a limited program):

  • Monday evening - "Treasure Hunt" for the whole family with prizes to be won, takes place on the terrace of the outdoor bar

  • Tuesday evening - Karaoke evening from 21:00 on the stage of the terrace of the outdoor bar

  • Wednesday evening - BBQ and Country & Western evening from 21:00 with linedance and country & folk music

  • Thursday evening - Live band on the terrace of the outdoor bar

  • Friday evening - Bingo evening and socializing on the terrace of the outdoor bar