Food and drink in L'Espinet

"Le Brantalou" restaurant

The restaurant in the park is under guidance of Albert Battle. The aesthetic restaurant has a large terrace and inside area. The Menus are served regarding three levels. On top of this there is also a children’s menu available. The three levels include:

  • Simple dishes such as hamburgers, pastas and pizzas
  • Buffet
  • A la carte section with a culinary menu based on local and regional products and specialties

Bread / breakfast service

Fresh bread is baked every morning, which includes a wide choice of croissants, pain au chocolat, baguettes, and luxury sandwiches. You can order it for the following day.

Do you want to make it even easier? Then use the breakfast buffet. In addition to a choice of various sandwiches, there are also various types of meat, cheese, fruit, egg dishes, coffee and tea. Children up to/including 11 years old cost €6, whilst children and adults from 12 years old and up will cost €12.

Les Terres Rouges

The bar "Les Terres Rouges" is open during the summer months. Terres Rouges is located on the recreational lake in the park. After swimming in the lake or after sunbathing on the beach you can buy drinks, Belgian beers, snacks and simple dishes here.

Special events

Special events are regularly organized in the restaurant. These include barbeque evenings and live music which occur every week.

Take out menus

Don't feel like cooking but still want to stay in your holiday home? There are various takeaway menus. Ask about the options in the restaurant or at the reception.

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Prices and discounts half board, breakfast or dinner

You have the option to stay at the park and receive breakfast and diner which is included in the price. However, you can also chose to have solely breakfast or dinner in this option. You can chose to have this during your entire stay or just on select days. The table below displays all of the possibilities. You can reserve these options when you make a booking but you can also chose to due this later in your account up to three days before your arrival. You can also chose to make these selections once you arrive at the park, but this will of course be more expensive.

These are the options regarding your stay:

  • Breakfast and/or dinner included: You can only book this for your entire stay, as in for all days.
  • Breakfast or dinner: This is based on a strip card which includes 10 slots. This means that you can chose to have dinner 10 times during your stay.
Reservations before arrival Reservations at the park
Breakfast and diner included: 3 - 11 years old € 13,00 p/d € 15,00 p/d
Breakfast and diner included: 12 years and older € 31,50 p/d € 33,00 p/d
Breakfast 3 - 11 years old 10 x voor € 50 (I/O € 60) € 6
Breakfast 12 years and older 10 x voor € 100 (I/O € 120) € 12
Diner 3 - 11 years 10 x voor € 90 (I/O € 100) € 10
Diner 12 years and older 10 x voor € 200 (I/O € 225) € 22,50

If you and your partner are for example planning to eat at the restaurant at least 5 times during your stay then you are better off getting a strip card consisting of 10 diners (slots) as it will only cost you €200. This will allow you to eat at the restaurant 10 times, which is quite the bargain for only €200!

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