Fortresses and castles in Languedoc – Aude

France is known for its many fortresses and castles. In the Aude – Languedoc region, which is where the holiday park is located, there are several fortresses and castles that you can visit. Most of these castles date back to the time of the Cathars, the period during which there was war between the Roman Church and this group. Some castles are still in good condition, others have fallen to ruin but they are still definitely worth a visit. During the summer months there are often medieval festivals in and around the castles and their ruins.

Le Cité in Carcassonne

The huge castle "Le Cité" in Carcassonne is a UNESCO monument. In the castle there are houses, shops, a church, a hotel and a smaller castle. Regular medieval games and other festivities are organised here. On Quatorze juillet there is a huge fireworks display.

Villefranche de Conflent

Villefranche de Conflent was built on the former border of France and Spain. Under Vauban's leadership, the defenses were further expanded and Fort Liberia was  built. Visit this medieval village with narrow alleys and old buildings.

Château de Villerouge-Termenès

This castle is located in Villerouge - Termenès, southeast of Carcassonne in the Corbières. It was built at the time by the Archbishop of Narbonne to secure the surrounding area. In the wars with the Cathars it played a major role. Christians who disagreed with the lust for power and luxury of the Roman Church were imprisoned and burned. You can visit the castle and get an audio tour with all kinds of information.

Château d'Aguilar

Château d'Aguilar is located in the Haut Fitou vineyards region, between Perpignan and Carcassonne. It is called one of the five sons of Carcassonne, along with Quéribus, Puilaurens, Termes and Peyrepertuse. In the past, the castle was owned by Olivier, the prince of the Termes. In 1210 it was conquered by Simon de Montfort and passed down to the French king Louis IX. Medieval festivals are regularly organised in the ruins.

Fort Saint - Elme

Fort Saint – Elme stands high above the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The fort watches over and protects the bay of Collioure. From Collioure you can go to the castle by foot, by car or by tourist train. Along the way you can enjoy beautiful views. Children love visiting the Fort: they can play with swords, get a shield and can wear a knight's costume.  

Château Puilaurens

Château Puivert

Château Queribus

Forteresse de Salses


Château de Termes

Château d'Arques

Château de Foix

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