Water sports in Languedoc

The Languedoc in southern France is located by the Mediterranean Sea. There are plenty of water activities possible here. Guests can swim, canoe, snorkel, parasaile and take boat trips to other seaside resorts on the coast. Several rivers flow through the Languedoc and the department of Ariège and Aude, which is where you can practice sports such as rafting and canyoning.


On a hot summers day, taking a refreshing dip in the water is wonderful. You can go swimming in many places, the Mediterranean coastal towns such as Canet, Collioure, St. Cyprien or Argeles are perfect for swimming. Near the holiday park you’ll also find plenty of recreational lakes and rivers.


Renting a pedalo is always good fun. Take along your whole family and you’ll have a great day. Most pedalo’s also have a slide that your children can go off of. You can rent a pedalo at various recreational lakes and on the beach.


When you go parasailing you’ll go really high! You’ll fly behind a speedboat with a parachute. The boat goes very fast and then the rope is unrolled so that you get higher and higher. Enjoy the beautiful views.

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Children and the elderly can find it quite difficult to stay balanced on a SUP board. When they succeed to stand, they will also need to paddle to move forward. You will also need to ensure that you don’t hit each other and fall off.


Go rafting down a fast-flowing river with a group in a rubber boat. To be good at rafting you’ll need strength, agility and cooperation. You’ll need to change direction at the right moment which requires teamwork.

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Windsurfing is and remains a popular sport. Windsurfing is all centered around you, the board, the water and the wind. You can windsurf on the Mediterranean Sea and on many recreational lakes.

Jet skiing

For both young and old, jet skiing is very appealing. Speed over the water at great speeds, make perfect turns and jump over the waves. Watch out for other water sports enthusiasts.

Water skiing

Put on a pair of waterskies and get pulled along by a speedboat! Waterskiing may look easy, but in practice it is often a lot more challenging. Accept the challenge! Waterskiing is great activity to do on one of the many lakes of the South of France or along the coast of the Languedoc.

Flite boarding

Fliteboarding is a new type of water sport. A fliteboard is a surfboard that is placed on a set of skis and driven by a propeller. This raises the plank a little above the water while you sail. You can  reach speeds of about 40 kilometers per hour. The fliteboard has a range of 25 kilometers.

Boat tours

Go on a boat trip on the Canal du Midi. You can also take a trip across the Mediterranean from one seaside resort to another where you can get off, explore the town and then head back!


Along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea you can take trips on a catamaran. Day trips are also organized where you sail to different seaside resorts and back again. On such a daytrip you’ll stop in a bay where you can swim and along the way the cook prepares food for you.


The South of France is also home to stunning sea-life. During your holiday, go for a swim and see the fish and plants. Bring your own diving equipment or rent it on site. There are plenty of places that offer boat trips to spots that are great for diving.

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This ancient sport is still immensely popular. You can sit alone in a canoe or go with multiple people. Paddle quietly over rivers, recreational lakes or the sea. In the vicinity of the holiday park there are plenty of opportunities to rent canoes.


Canyoning is an intense sport where you move through gorges. In most cases a river flows through the gorge and you’ll need to go climbing, swimming, scrambling, abseiling, jumping, whatever it takes to make your way through the gorge. Teamwork is a must!


There are great water parks by the coast at St. Cyprien and also further north at Leucate. These waterparks have dozens of slides and playground equipment in all shapes and sizes and of different heights. Part of the waterpark is aimed at younger children whilst the older youth and adults can try out the most extreme slides in a separate part.

Recreational lake near the park

There is a recreational lake next to the holiday park where you can practice all sorts of water sports, such as: swimming, sailing, supping and playing on an inflatable castle. There are sandy beaches around the water where you can sit or lie down. During the summer months, the catering industry is open and there is a pizza truck.


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