Canoeing in Poitou – Charentes

In Poitou - Charentes, the region in which Les Forges is located, there are plenty of places to go canoeing. Go canoeing with your family during your next holiday in France and explore the surroundings from a different point of view. You will discover places which cannot be reached by car or bicycle. Some of the most beautiful nature reserves are located on the waterfront and you will see a great diversity of flora and fauna. The area slopes which means that the river will always carve through the lowest section and thus the river winds through the landscape. This is what makes canoeing here so beautiful, after every turn you will be greeted by a new view. Canoeing on such rivers remains exciting thanks to all the bends and the narrowing of the river. Due to this the water flows faster and you will have to stay extra alert to ensure your still going in the right direction.

Canoeing on the Vonne, Thouet, Vienne or on other rivers

In the vicinity of your holiday park there are several rivers on which you can canoe. Most rivers flow from east to west and occasionally they flow to the north or the south, but they always end up going west and ending up in the Atlantic Ocean. In Poitou - Charentes the rivers Vonne, Thouet and Vienne are most popular for canoeing.


  • Vonne
  • Thouet
  • Vienne

Go for a relaxing canoe journey during your next holiday

During ccanoeing you make use of the current, so you will always have to start somewhere in the east and stop somewhere in the west. Rental companies take this into account and will bring you and your canoe to the east after which you’ll descend the river to the west. Some rental companies will allow you to immediately descend the river from their shop and can then pick you up further down the river. Seen as you canoe in the same direction as the current you do not have to paddle hard, canoeing on rivers is very relaxing. You’ll have plenty of time to see the surroundings! Make sure to take sunscreen with you or keep your shirt on because you burn quickly on the water!

Kano varen 14 vakantie Frankrijk Poitou charentes forges villa luxe vonne.jpg

Touristic villages along the river

Whilst canoeing you’ll pass various touristic villages. If you go canoeing on the Vonne you’ll pass the town of Vivonne in the east and if you go further downstream you will pass Lusignan, Jazeneuil, Curzay-sur-Vonne and Sanxay. Just after Sanxay there is a famous place with Roman excavations. If you look at the location of this site on the map, you’ll see the strategic riverside location of this Roman structure.

Take a break during your canoe trip

Most villages along the waterfront have a place where you can stop and take a break. Along the waterfront there are plenty of cozy terraces with colorful umbrellas where you are more than welcome to enjoy a drink. You can also go for a little walk through the village, take a look at the shops and fill up your water bottle. Keep an eye on the time though because you still need to canoe to your end point.

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