Marais Poitevin

West of your holiday home lies a vast nature reserve: Marais Poitevin. It is a green oasis of peace. This marshland area, created through drainage, has an extensive street plan of canals. It is definitely worth a visit! You can do this in many ways that are fun for entire family: by boat, bike, covered wagon, etc.

Marais Poiteving, place of silence

You will truly find Marais Poitevin relaxing. The boats that glide silently through the water, the many cycling paths you can ride at your own pace, and the sleepy, authentic villages that create the tranquil rhythm of the Marais Poitevin. The nearly 100,000 hectares of marshland stretch from Niort to the Atlantic Ocean, almost 60 km to the west, where the beating heart of the area, the Sèvre Niortaise, flows in the Baie de L’Aguillon. 

The origin of Marais Poitevin

This drained bay is a reminder of the fact that the Marais Poitevin was originally a large bay. The Marais Poitevin consists of three parts: the marais déssechés, the drained marshland that is mainly used for agricultural purposes, the wet swamp (marais mouillé) where the many canals and the special nature explain the nickname The Green Venice (La Venise Verte), and finally the artificial area the Baie de L’Aguillon, a haven for migratory and water birds.

Experience the beauty of the marshlands with your children and reflect upon the impressions that you experienced in the evening while relaxing on the terrace of your holiday home with a glass of wine.

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