Sports activities

During the holidays you get to do things that you sometimes do not have time for at home. Some like to enjoy by the pool, others go sunbathing, another reads a book in peace or strolls through nice tourist villages. There is also a group that likes to be actively engaged in sports activities. There are plenty of opportunities for this at the park or in the immediate vicinity.


The southern Dordogne - Lot region is a beautiful region for cycling. There are many places where there is little difference in altitude, such as in the valley of the Lot or along the vineyards. You will pass lovely villages and castles and after every turn you can enjoy a different beautiful view.


From the park you can take beautiful walks, but you can also go for a little drive first and then start your hike from there. The Nature is extremely varied and has hills, vineyards, forests, rivers, and streams. There are routes that you can walk in the area so that you can pass all the beautiful places.


A popular sport in the vicinity of the park is canoeing. On the rivers Dordogne and Lot this is done in abundance. You can even make whole day trips.  From the water you can see the surroundings in a different way and after every bend another castle appears.


Play golf during your holidays, play your favorite sport in France. In the vicinity of the park there are several golf courses. Are you going for: 9, 18 or 27 holes? For a real golfer, a holiday isn’t complete without golf!

Horse riding

In the Dordogne and the Lot there is a lot of horse riding. In many places you can rent horses and make a trip alone or with a group. Under the guidance of an experienced guide, you will arrive at the most beautiful places.


In the Dordogne and Lot there are no high mountains that can be climbed, but steep rocks and high cliffs. The rocks have steel hooks, ladders and a rope attached to the rock face.


In the surroundings there are several caves that you can visit. For children there are fun excursions where they can search for the hidden treasures from past cavers.

Quad biking

With a quad bike ride in places where you normally do not go, through the forests, the vineyards, and the untouched nature. At several places in the area, you can rent a quad bike and explore the area alone or with a group.  

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